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Happy Valentines Day Gif: Happy Valentines Day HD GIF Images 2018 for Whatsapp, Girlfriend, Boyfriend:- Day By Day everyone is waiting for Valentines Day and today we are here to show you some Good quality Photos of Valentine’s day which you haven’t seen yet. From the first week of February, we start getting phone calls from Our Girlfriend and People excited to celebrate Valentines week. It starts with a rose day and Ends on Valentine’s day.

Between these days many other popular days like Kiss day, Chocolate and promise day. Initially, this valentines week was being celebrated in U.S and Europe but Many young boys and girls are also waiting for this special day to come. If you want to send some Beautiful Gift to your family and friends then don’t be a worry too much because Our team collection some valentines day Gift ideas for you which you may don’t know yet. so take a look at some of the Good quality Valentines day Gif for you.


Happy Valentines Day 2018 Gif  for WhatsApp

Valentine’s day is one of the amazing days for every couple, In College days everyone celebrates valentines day with their partner. Basically, Valentine’s day is one of the most precious days in my life. 2 Years ago when I used to celebrate these days with my family I always think when will we marry. So take a Look at the full report which you may wait for.

Happy Valentines day GIF for Boyfriend funny

In a relationship, we all want to be funny for a lifetime that’s why we are here to show some funny images of Valentine’s day which you can share with your family and friends. On this special eve, we all like to be funny and romantic.

Finally, we have updated all the latest stuff of new year gif images which you can send to your lover on this 14th February. I hope you really enjoyed our article don’t forget to share Happy Valentine’s day GIF HD Photos 2018.


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Add these animated gifs of valentines to your emails or your chats to give them a fun and personal touch and more easily express your emotions to your friends and family. If you want to download the animated gifs of valentines, you just have to click with the right mouse button on an image and then select the option “Save image as …”.

You can use these valentines to help you express your emotions by being in a conversation on the internet or in a social network.

If you have not found the animated valentines you were looking for, try searching the category of animated images that appear on the menu. Browsing this website you will find the best animated gifs related to valentines and more Valentines day animated images of laughter, thanks, goodbye and good morning that you can use for facebook, msn or for your own personal page or blog.


Today is Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, we share very nice GIFs to send via WhatsApp or social networks. Valentine’s Day is here, Valentine’s Day. During this day, couples (or not so couples) give their love, affection, details, gifts, trips and others. But … Where are the Gifs?
 Those fun, funny and detailed animated images that also serves to congratulate the day of lovers. Next, we show you ten fun and beautiful GIFs to celebrate Valentine’s Day. They are perfect to send your partner through WhatsApp, email or social networks.
Free Valentine's day gifs

To download the GIF files you just have to click on the word ‘download’ after each image. Immediately the GIfs portal will open and by clicking on ‘Download’ you will have the file in your gallery. You can also hold or right click and click on ‘Save image how’. Automatically, it will be saved in GIF format.

To send them by WhatsApp , you just have to click on the camera icon and look for the GIF in the gallery. The preview may not be animated, but once sent it will appear in GIF format and the contact can see the image in detail.



The first GIF is very, very nice. It is a Valentine’s Day greeting in Neon. The lights are moving continuously, highlighting that ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ and hearts in a pink color. It is undoubtedly the most modern Valentine’s Gif we have found, and now Instagram has launched a new typography design with this same style. So without a doubt, this greeting GIF is one of the best to send.


THINGS TO DO Valentines Gif

What better way to congratulate Valentine’s Day than dedicating time to your partner? This GIF is perfect for that. Send it to that special person and let him know that he is the only person on your to-do list . At least today, on the day of lovers.

Valentines Day Wishes


If there is a proof of true love it is Wally . We can send a loving GIF of the great movie. In this case, with a brief and nice message.


The classic heart with a more animated and fun design . The image moves quickly and you can see how that heart is beating. It also features the classic Valentine’s greeting phrase. It is without a doubt another of the most classic options, but nice to send by WhatsApp, Message, Email etc.

Valentines Day Gif


Another perfect GIF to congratulate Valentine is this so classic and original. It is one of the most popular scenes from the movie ‘ The Lady and the Tramp ‘. The two dogs share a plate of pasta and are entangled in a noodle that leads to a kiss. As we have seen, it is not as romantic as it seems, but it is perfect for sending your partner.


You can not miss the classic Emoji that shows love . In this case, it is an animated image with two emojis, one that throws a kiss in the shape of a heart, and another with hearts in the eyes. It also has the phrase Happy Valentine’s Day in English. This GIF is perfect to send to the person with whom so many messages have been exchanged. And of course, with which so many emojis of hearts and kisses have sent.


Although the best thing is that you give one of this but real to your partner, this GIF is perfect to show your love to your lover partner of Pizza .

Send it without telling him the surprise. Once received, you will discover that it is not a box of chocolates. Seriously, if your partner is a Pizza lover you have to send him this GIF.


There is nothing prettier than these two animals giving each other an affectionate hug. The animated image also shows a heart emoji and the phrase ‘I Love u’ . This GIF is perfect to send to that person who has not yet shown his love. Also for those who show it with a loving hug. And if we talk about animals, how can we pass these two little mice? If we were not on Valentine’s Day it would be the most tender of the day. It is perfect to send to that person who loves animals.


No, we are not talking about animals and mustard. We’re talking about a hot dog and mustard. Yes, it might seem strange, but the truth is that the image is charming, and that is that there is nothing bigger than the union between a dog and a mustard boat. If your partner likes either, you know what to send him.


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