How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message [Recommanded]

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How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message: If you think that by ending up with your ex everything is lost, you are wrong, you can recover it using the technology in your favor and, here you will learn How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message boyfriend or girlfriend for WhatsApp. To start, choose if you want to go back with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend down here:

How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message

How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message

How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Fast by Text Message

I know that for now feel the urge to run to kiss him and, at the same time give him a slap for making you suffer, is normal, but you have to stop thinking about him for a moment and concentrate on you.

Women and men are different

Of course, this is true until a little three years old, but I am not talking about what is evident, I am talking about what catches the attention of both men and women, of the difference in how they act and how they express their feelings.

For example, while women express everything we feel, men try to repress their emotions, while women melt for romantic words, men drool over a good physique.

So, it is necessary for you to act in such a way that you can get the attention of your ex, instead of doing things as most women normally do.

Let’s do it

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that you’re going to get your boy back, so take note and put the following tips into practice.

  1. One of the things that bothers men the most, are the complaints, they do not want to hear that you want to die or how sad you are because the relationship ended. So, stop posting in your profile picture sad images or phrases that make reference to that you are heartbroken, have the same with the WhatsApp states.
  2. Your new states and profile photos should be interesting and fun , you should see well groomed and happy. Try to make your photos perfect and highlight your physical features that most attract your attention, that you look like a queen.
  3. Stop writing, the men do not call attention to those who find it easy to get, they want someone who poses a challenge. So, the less you write to her, the more attractive you will be and you will get her to miss you.
  4. Know what your ex is doing so you can be one step ahead, for this, use social networks and do it wisely so you do not realize. For example, look at your profile photos, but avoid seeing the states you publish on WhatsApp so you do not know you’re spying on it. The same with the other social networks, just look at what you publish and be careful not to give likes by accident. By doing this you will be able to know if your tastes are changing, you can deduce how your mood is, etc.
  5. Improves your personality , although it is true that men are very fixed in the physical, when they fall in love with the personality you can ask for the moon and they lower it. So, you must be the perfect combination of an attractive personality and a charming physique to make you fall in love again.
  6. This is the moment when you are ready to get back in touch with your ex, it is time for you to write again and to start a pleasant conversation, free of complaints and uncomfortable topics . With this you get your ex to think about you again, to feel different, renewed and improved.

So, leave with the desire to know more about you and again cut the contact, do not write for a few days so that it is he who takes the initiative.

When I write you, take your time to respond, remember that you must see yourself as a difficult girl to get. Keep this interaction for a couple of weeks, write it to awaken your interest and then let him look for you.

In this way, you make him feel the need to look for ways to get your attention back, so he is very likely to invite you out.

In that case, impáctalo with your new personality and looks stunning for him to know what is being lost, I guarantee that it will not take long to ask for a second chance.

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Fast by Text Message for WhatsApp

You are one of those guys who do not give up and play until their last card for that person you love, so, this is for you. Do not lose your girl and learn How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message for WhatsApp.

It is likely that until now you have made some unintentional mistakes to try to win her back, it is normal for that to happen when desperation clouds your mind.

Therefore, before using resources in it, it is necessary that you use them in yourself, that you clear your mind and be able to see things clearly.

1. Start by ordering your thoughts

Try to relax so you can identify what you really feel, once you have done this, eliminate the emotions that make you act on impulse as the fear of losing it and the loneliness that makes you not stop looking for it.

Finally, for you to see the whole picture and be able to do things well, it is necessary that you try to feel what your ex is feeling.

Is it possible that I feel you failed him? Is it possible that I feel you do not deserve another chance? Is it possible that you feel suffocated by all your messages and calls? Is it possible that he feels that she is the center of your universe?

And, in case some of the answers are affirmative, do not feel bad, this is just a technique so you can achieve to see as your “enemy” and that your moves are correct.

Now, with a clear view of both sides of the coin, it is time to start executing the plan.

2. Do not have it on a pedestal

Regardless of what you think your ex-girlfriend is feeling and thinking about you, one thing is 100% certain, she is convinced that it is the oxygen of your life.

Yes, as such, your ex does not doubt that you can not live without her, this is because since they finished, you have not stopped looking for her and writing her back.

And then, that has made your self-esteem rise too high, now you have the luxury of not answering your messages, of not answering your calls, and probably even blocking you, am I wrong?

I do not think so, almost always the same happens when you make her think herself more important than she should be.

Therefore, it is time that you lower it from the pedestal, it is necessary that, from this moment you stop writing, do not call it anymore, do not look for it, and even avoid it.

This will make her feel confused, remember that she is accustomed to a routine where you do not stop making her feel like a goddess and, suddenly, you simply stop feeding her ego, this, dear friend, is to use psychology in your favor .

3. Do not fall into temptation

Of course, this will not be easy for you since, you have also fallen into this routine where you feel the need to make her feel good so that she can return with you.

Therefore, you should take action on the matter so that you will not be tempted to write it and the solution is not to block it.

For this you must delete all the conversations that you have saved from it and you must configure the privacy of your WhatsApp account so that nobody can see if you are connected or at what time you were chatting for the last time.

This option also prevents you from seeing the time and connection status of your contacts, so, not knowing if she is using WhatsApp or not, you are less likely to feel like writing to her.

But also, by having willpower and not writing to her for some time, she will only be thinking of you, and will try to find the reason why you have “forgotten” her.

4. Wake up your curiosity

As I already told you, she will seek to know about you and will resort to the trustworthy old woman, your status and your profile picture.

So, it’s time to use it to your advantage, forget about the phrases that can make you think you’re having a bad time, sad photos or images that have nothing to do with you.

Your profile picture should make you believe you were never better, try to choose a new photo and change it with some frequency.

You can be with one of your friends where they are having fun, but never with a girl, or a photo where you are in a place you did not know before, doing extreme sports, etc.

This will make you look like an interesting person and they will send her the signal that she is losing good things with you, happy moments and new experiences.

But better yet, they will make her believe that she has wasted every opportunity with you and will regret not having listened to you.

5. Surprise her

Now she believes that at last you surpassed her and that there is no way to find her again, this is the perfect moment in which you should surprise her.

You just have to write to greet her and you will notice that she no longer ignores you, on the contrary, she responds immediately.

Greet her for a couple of days and then try to have normal conversations with her, tell her interesting, funny things, try to make her have fun while talking with you.

A good way to achieve this is by reminding him of things they were accomplices in, funny experiences they had, etc.

Thus, she will soon give you signals that she wants to be your girlfriend again and you will have her back.

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