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200+ Valentine’s Day SMS Messages 2020 to Text

Happy Valentines Day SMS 2020: We and our users have collected dozens of beautiful Valentines here. Choose the most beautiful ones and send them by Valentine SMS to your sweetheart. As a registered member you also have the opportunity to send you or your friends the Happy Valentines Day SMS 2020 right away.

As the sender, your mobile number will be entered and we will not place advertisements in the Valentine SMS! 

By the way: Valentines Day SMS valentines day greetings to the day of love are no longer a replacement for the classic embrace. Instead, they show once again that you think of someone. That may also be several times on such a special day. Whether via text message or messenger, the recipient will certainly be pleased.

Valentines Day SMS sayings for Valentine’s Day

February 14th is Valentine’s Day 2020! A nice opportunity to surprise the partner with a small message of love … you do not know how to express your feelings in words? Send one of our Valentines Day SMS sayings for Valentine’s Day !

Because for all those who want to send proverbs by Valentines Day SMS for Valentine’s Day , we have put together a list in which you will find the most popular sayings on Valentine’s Day .

Valentine Day Hindi Valentine SMS

  • A happy man marries the woman he loves, an even happier man loves the girl he marries.
  • Women marry men and hope to change them. Men marry women hope they will not change. So everyone is inevitably disappointed in the end.
  • Love may be blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener!
  • Love is like a world war: easy to start, but difficult to end.
  • If love is the answer, what was the question?
  • Love is good Divorce is great.
  • Love costs nothing but accessories already.
  • Love is temporary mental illness curable by marriage.
  • Love heals everything except toothache.
  • Love is very photogenic. It takes darkness to develop.
  • Love is like circle number: natural, irrational, and very important.
  • Before a woman finds her prince, she has to kiss many frogs.
  • A day without your love is like a year without Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • I without you like a cell phone without a battery.
  • Love is like a forgotten password. Until you find out, you have to keep trying.
  • Love is an exploding joke cigar we like to smoke.
  • What the world really needs is more love and less computer work.
  • Money can not buy love, but improves the negotiating position.
  • So: Just click through the  Valentine SMS sayings for Valentine’s Day , select a suitable saying – and send to your sweetheart on February 14th … He’ll be happy about that!

Valentine SMS for Valentine’s Day: love and desire in focus

Is it possible to save Valentine’s Day with a text message, or do you prefer to be the same when you have forgotten that today is the 14th of February?

It’s Valentine’s Day again. Either you get upset about the commercialization of the day or you keep quiet and just go with it. Or you are not in a relationship, then you have it easier.

If you join the circus for this day, then usually with the purchase of flowers and / or sweets. Buying flowers is easy. No, more important than flowers and sweets are the thoughts you have taken that lead to these actions. And such thoughts are best communicated in well-written letters , which are presented together with the flowers and the confectionery.

Happy Valentine Day Valentine SMS 2020

So much for the cheesy-romantic idea. The reality often looks different. You forget the day or you think about it too late. So late that there is no time left for letter writing. What to do? An emergency Valentine SMS must be forthcoming, so that at least the damage is limited. And we help you with that. We have each assigned one Valentine SMS to five types of people; You can choose one that suits your personality. My pleasure.

I want to give you a tender kiss, to experience with you this proof of love. I want to feel your lips softly, this kiss should touch you deeply. Sigh.

Seven lovable seamen are looking for perfect roses in remarkably ambiguous poses. Please grab my pants (s).

Last night I sent a guardian angel to you. After 5 minutes he came
back. I asked why? He smiled: An angel does not need a guardian angel.

Roses are red, violets are blue, you’re a horny pig.

Mr. Right does not text. He calls and talks to his sweetheart. He brings a bouquet of roses and surprises her with a massage he has booked for the next day. In the evening he cooks for her.

You see, there is something for everyone. If you yourself have been the victim of such an Valentine SMS or are among the enthusiastic writers of such messages: Let us know, we want to laugh.

Valentines Day SMS Sayings / Cell Phone Sayings

Send Valentines by Valentine SMS. Here are the most beautiful Valentine SMS sayings for Valentine’s Day 2020. Love Mobile Phones & more …

Valentine SMS sayings for Valentine’s Day

Free mobile phone praise for sending via Valentine SMS as valentines. Simply copy or mark and paste into the Valentine SMS software via copy & paste.

  • An Valentine SMS very small hops into your cell phone, she wishes you a nice day, from someone who likes you very much!
  • I am me and love you. From me to you in love, me.
    3 things I need in life: A sun, a teddy and you.
    The sun for the day, the teddy for the night and you forever!
    I love you!
  • If you want to know how much I love you, you have to count the grains of sand of all the deserts and multiply them with the drops of all oceans.
  • Many people enter your life, but few leave a trace in your heart!
  • When the world stops spinning and the last hand is up and everything starts to turn black I want to die in your arms.
  • Love is love price!

Valentine Day Valentine SMS For Husband

This collection of Valentine’s Sayings is constantly being expanded. We are pleased about all Valentine SMS Valentine’s Day messages sent for Valentine’s Day!

More sayings for the mobile phone for sending via Valentine SMS

Forgetting does not apply – neither to him nor to her

Especially for all men who do not have it with romance, again to write: On February 14 is Valentine’s Day – exactly, the day of love. Of course you can now say: This date is an invention of the chocolate and flower industry and that it is not about romance, but only about commerce. Yes, maybe that’s true, your critical attitude will still be important to your partner if you forget the appointment deadline.


So if you are still sitting in the office in the evening or have a long-distance relationship and you realize only now that is February 14, then quickly pull out the phone and send a text message to Valentine’s Day to the better half. Of course it is more romantic, but at least that’s how you show the partner that you thought of him.

Romantic sayings on Valentine’s Day: Valentine SMS that melts hearts

That was the duty, now comes the freestyle for Valentine’s Day 2020. Of course, text messages on February 14th should sound like more than a simple greeting – after all, the message is not intended for friends, but for the most important person in your life. An idea: ” For the world you are somebody. But for somebody you are the whole world.  You want to elicit the partner a sighing sigh? Give it a try: ” I wish I was your teddy bear; then I would be with you every night! 

Above all else, be creative and do not be afraid to be funny – what could be better than to bring a smile to your sweetheart. For example, with a Valentine’s Valentine SMS like this: ” I wanted to send you something beautiful, lovely, empathetic and erotic, but unfortunately I do not fit on the screen. 

Also a romantic declaration of love : send valentines as pictures by Valentine SMS. What should this show? Of course, no close-up of intimate body regions. Do not forget: this is Romanesque, not erotic.

Conclusion: Women think of him weeks in advance, men often do not even when he is there: Valentine’s Day 2020. Luckily, Valentine SMS are typed quickly. Very important: Do not type any sayings from the Internet, but let yourself speak the heart – then the short message can even replace the gift.

Valentine Day Romantic Valentine SMS

You have a long-distance relationship, February 14th is a weekday or you think: Double holds better on Valentine’s Day? Thanks to Valentine SMS, you can also tell your girlfriend digitally “I love you”. Proverbs and whatever else matters, here.


  • We know each other since; you do not even know anymore, since we were little we love you and more. Today is Valentine’s Day, a letter for you. Love me, I love you so much.
  • Little Fratz, you shall be forever my darling, so I give you my heart for Valentine’s Day and I will share with you every joy and every pain.
  • Little Fratz, be my sweetheart forever, I give you for Valentine’s Day my heart and share with you every joy and every pain.
  • If a Messege comes from afar, the content to guess not difficult: Have just thought of you and wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day!
  • Let me be your luck, that warms you. I hold you completely still, I am there for you. A soft and beautiful feeling on your lips to see the dreams bloom.
  • Greetings for Valentine’s Day from someone who loves you!
  • Greetings for Valentine’s Day from someone who loves you!
  • Sometimes I can hardly believe that we fit so well together, you make me happy and happy. For this I thank you with this little poem – for Valentine’s Day a lot of joy and light.
  • Sometimes I can hardly believe that we fit together so well. You make me happy, for that I thank you with a love contribution for Valentine’s Day 2020.
  • My whole heart I give you, the valentines are also from me. It’s a sweet little greeting, full of love and a big kiss.
  • My whole heart I give you, the valentines are also from me. It’s just a small greeting, but I’m sending you another kiss.
  • My whole heart I give you, the valentines are also from me. It’s just a small greeting, but I’ll send you another kiss.
  • I miss the words about Valentine, but I want to write to you how in love I am. You do not have to keep silent now, because you know who I mean. Listen to me, the only one I love is you!
  • Not only on Valentine’s Day I remember it. I want to give you my love every day!

Happy Valentine Day Valentine SMS : THE MAIN THING IS FUNNY!

Yes, the 14th of February is primarily commerce, connected with expectations and obligations and for that very reason anything but romantic. Nevertheless, the unwritten law applies: Who does not think has a problem on Valentine’s Day 2020. An Valentine SMS alone is a bit meager, but at least better than nothing. How about a Valentine’s Day declaration of love like this: “Valentin, Valentin, I love you and Valentin more”? It will be clear to your darling that you did not write that yourself, but after all the thought counts – and whoever makes a few emojis behind scores in any case.

  • Roses I wanted to give you to Valentine, but you have to think now, a floral greeting that should be, but your display is too small.
  • Give flowers Give flowers Make hearts full of happiness.
  • St. Valentin, you know it, is the patron saint of love. He is the one who is awake about our love, in the bright day and in the dark night.
  • Instead of roses, violets, poinsettia, I just send you “I love you”! Have a nice Valentine’s Day!
  • Valentin, Valentin, I love you and Valentin more!
  • Valentine is the best day, if you like flowers. But because I have no flowers for you, I’m just telling you that I like you. Kind regards
  • Valentine is the best day, if you like flowers. But because I have no flowers for you, I’m just telling you that I like you. Kind regards…
  • Valentine’s Day is the best day to tell a loving person how much you like him. I’ll start with you!
  • Many people enter your life, but few leave a trace in your heart!
  • When thoughts and sounds merge and the sun surrounds the day, it starts the journey into the light! For a woman who is 101% worth fighting for love
  • For Valentine I always bring flowers. Unfortunately, this time I do not have the dough, but are we still celebrating a party?
  • For Valentine’s Day I say one, in my heart is only one, my darling you are forever there, I love you and this is true!
  • For Valentine’s Day I wish you 1000 kisses left & 1000 right! I never want to lose you in life. I love you so much and miss you more and more!
  • For Valentine’s Day, a day of love just wants to tell you that I love you very much! A rose is a must, but before you get a big kiss from me!

An “I love you” actually says it all, but via Valentine SMS is quite anonymous. Therefore, use the medium on Valentine’s Day to write what you would never say to your sweetheart in private – but please do not talk dirty talk by Valentine SMS ! Either you can find your own words or use romantic sayings. For example: “Little Fratz, be forever my darling. I give you my heart for Valentine’s Day and share with you every joy and every pain “- a bit bumpy, but equally romantic. Or so: “Love is the feeling that you feel when you feel the feeling that you never felt before.”

And what is nicer, as a compliment and declaration of love in one? “For me you are closeness without narrowness, giving without expectation, tenderness without intention, love without demand, magic without end. Love Valentine’s Day 2020. “Valentine SMS is sometimes more romantic than man says.

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Beautiful and short sayings for Valentine’s Day (show love by Valentine SMS)

So, 14th of Feb is Valentine’s Day 2020. Every boyfriend / girlfriend, husband / wife is looking at cellphone. Even ex-boyfriend and ex-girlfriend or ex-wife and ex-husband expect a text message. I have something for everyone, vegiss do not add your name when you write an Valentine SMS or EMAIL 🙂

  • @>) – ~, ~~ ‘- This rose should tell you I THINK OF YOU. Greetings for Valentine’s Day!
  • Love Valentine’s Day sweetheart. Thanks for the withered Rose and this fucking key chain. 🙂
  • On the day of Valentine, I tell you, I love you in a big way! A big smack on the sweetest treasure.
  • You asked me that day. Whether I want to belong to you. I said yes. Now you are quiet …
  • Please do not forget about St. Valentine !! You are always in my heart!
  • Your smile makes my heart bloom, so here and now, I thought so, NEN greetings that I send you on this day of Valentine.
  • Your blue eyes shine like diamonds in the sunlight of the desert!
  • Your black eyes shine like life in Nordpool!
  • The head is empty, the stomach is full. – Man, I love Valentine’s Day 2020.
  • Valentine’s Day is the best day to tell a loved one how much you like him. I’ll start with you!
  • This card is for you for Valentine’s Day because I like you.
  • This valentine’s bouquet here is a love note of mine. I hope it helps to think of me and will give you joy, happiness and love.
  • You are the sun that warms my heart on cold days. You are the star that illuminates my dark nights. You are the love of my life, you my Valentine!
  • You are closeness without tightness, giving without expectation, tenderness without intention, love without demand, magic without end. Happy Valentines Day!
  • For me you are closeness without tightness, giving without expectation, tenderness from the heart without intention, love without demand, magic without end. Happy Valentines Day!
  • An Valentine SMS very small hops into your cell phone, she wishes you a nice day, from someone who likes you very much!
  • There are girls who are not good for it but great! – Happy Valentine’s Day 2020!
  • There are girls who are not good, but great! In this sense: Happy Valentine’s Day 2020!
  • It’s a nice day and I’ll tell you that I like you.
  • For the world you are somebody … but for somebody YOU are the world.
  • Without grief, I fall into a love slumber. Without pain, I think of you, my Valentine’s heart. Many kisses, I love you!
  • Gift ideas for Christmas
  • Greetings to me, oh so far Holde, you my grape tree’s favorite umbel. You my greetings for Valentine’s Day, believe it at last, how much I love you!
  • Greetings to me, oh so far Holde, you my grape tree’s favorite umbel. Send my greetings for Valentine’s Day, believe it at last, how much I love you!
  • Good morning darling, I love you so much, so I’ll send you 1000 kisses for you on Valentine’s Day 2020.
  • HAPPY VALENTINE !!! Feel very nice hugging. Kiss!
  • Today I woke up in the morning and immediately thought of you. I love you. But do you love me?

The nicest thing you can always say is “I love you”. Even more beautiful, if you can say it in the language, which mother is the language of a loved one.

I have collected the translations of “I love you” in all the most used languages ​​in Germany.

Afrikaans ……………: Ek is ran vir jou

Albanian ……………: Te dua

Amharic (Aethiophia / Kenya) ……: Afekrishalehou

Arabic (Middle East / North Africa) ………………: Ana behibak (أحبك)

Bangladeshi …………: Ami tomake walobashi

Bengali ……………: Aami tomaake bhaalo baashi

Berber ………………: Lakh tirikh

Bosnian ……………: Volim te

Bulgarian ……………: Obicham te

Catalan ……………: T’estimo

Chinese ……………: Goa ai li …

Croatian (familiar) …: Yes te volim …

Czech ………………: Miluji te

Danish ………………: Jeg elsker dig
Dutch ………………: Ik hou van je

English ……………: I love you

Farsi …………: Tora dust mi daram / Tora dost daram

French ………………: Je t’aime

German ………………: I love you

Greek ………………: S’ayapo

Hebrew ………………: Anee ohev / ohevet otakh …

Hindi ………………: Mai tumase pyar karata / karati hun

………………: Nu ‘umi unangwa’ta
Hungarian ……………: Szeretlek te’ged

Indonesian …………: SAYA (Saya cinta padamu)

Italiano ……………: Ti amo

Japanese ……………: Kimi o ai shiteru

Korean ………………: Tangsinul sarang ha yo

Kurdish ……………: Ez te hezdikhem / Ez ji te hezdikim

Macedonian …………: Te sakam

Malay / Indonesian ……: Saya cintakan mu

Pakistani ……………: Mujhe tumse muhabbat hai

Polish ………………: Kocham cie / Kocham ciebie / Yes cie kocham / Yacha kocham
Portuguese / Brazilian …: Eu te amo / Amo te

Punjabi ……………: Main tainu pyar karna

Romanian ……………: Te iubesc
……………………: Te ador
Russki … …………: Ya vas lyublyu ……
……………………: Ya tyebya lyublyu ………

Serbian ……: Yes vas volim

Spanish ……………: Te amo / Te quiero / Te adoro

Srilankan ……………: Mama oyata arderyi

Tamil ………………: Naan unnai kadalikiren

Thai ………: Phom rak khun … (male to female)
……………………: Ch’an rak khun (female to male)

Turkish ……: Sizi seviyoruz / Seni seviyorum

Ukrainian ……………: Ya tebe kokhayu

Hungarian ……………: Seretlek

Urdu ………………: Main tumse muhabbat karta hoon

Vietnamese …………: Anh ye’u em / anh

Zulu ………………: Mena tanda wena / Ngiyakuthanda!

  • Today, Valentin is a nice day to tell you that I like you so much !!!
  • Today for Valentine’s Day I wish you 1001 kisses left and right! I never want to lose you anymore. I love you!
  • Hey you! Do you want to be my Valentine?
  • Here someone sits who thinks of you and who gives you a valentine on your mobile phone right now. Your secret admirer!
  • Here is someone who thinks of you and who is sending you a Valentine on your cell phone right now. Your secret admirer!
  • Here someone is sitting right in front of you and in this moment sends you a valentine on your mobile phone.Singer: secret admirer
  • I’m very excited and do not know what to say or write to you. You are my dearest friend, you are sooo great. You are the most important person in my life, whom I do not want to miss, but would rather kiss for Valentine’s Day 2020.
  • I stay as I am and will not change but for you I would change because you are the most important in my whole life.
  • I love you so much that I just have to ask you, do you want to be my Valentine’s treasure? If so, give me a kiss!
  • I wish to spend every day with you, to pamper you and to show you how much I like you. Happy Valentine’s Day 2020!
  • I wish to spend every day with you to pamper you and sing you a song – Happy Valentine’s Day 2020!
  • In my little heart you are always in there, so I think of you also to St. Valentine.
  • In my little heart you are always in there, so I think of you also to St. Valentin. Do not forget me too!
  • Anyone who likes someone knows today is Valentine’s Day, that’s why I am writing to you today and I hope this will please you!

50+ Happy Valentines Day Wishes 2020 for Love (Him or Her)

Valentines Day Wishes 2020: Valentines Day Wishes images for Lover. If you are one of those who like to have a detail with the person you love most, you should not forget to accompany your gift with a nice greeting card and a nice romantic or poetic phrase so that your loved one feels all your love.


Valentines Day Wishes

On Valentines Day can not miss a couple in love. A true lover can not refuse on this day to give his partner a nice thought or desire to renew love.  In recent years, this festival has acquired a very commercial scope: all the windows are adorned with hearts, chocolate, dolls and gifts for lovers. Valentines Day, a festival of love: Although love must be expressed throughout the year, Valentines Day remains the preferred day to remember our feelings to the people we love.


Valentines Day Wishes 2020

The origin of Valentines Day dates back to the Middle Ages. On February 14 the mating of the birds begins and also Valentine, who is revered as the patron saint of lovers, and especially by the youngest ones … Today it has become a very commercial festival, full of frenzy, special atmosphere. On February 14, many of us give away flowers, chocolate and, of course, greeting cards with the best wishes of love.

Valentines Day Gif 2020


In principle, this festival was celebrated in England and France. Then it was quickly extended to almost every country in the world.

Happy Valentines Day 2020

Compilation of sentences for all occasions. Commitments, congratulations, parties and celebrations. We have selected the best phrases so that you can use them at any time.

I lose myself in your eyes, in your eyes I lose myself, I lose myself in your thoughts, I lose myself in you. Happy Valentines Day!

You are the woman of my life, you are the being of my dreams. You are the strength and beauty of creation … On Valentines Day I tell you: You are the volume of my heart.

I have sinned for stealing from heaven the most beautiful angel, it does not matter if I go to hell, what matters is to live in paradise now.

For you I would give everything, but … what could I give you, if all I possess is yours?

They say that today is a special day for people who love each other, for me they are special every day that I have lived since I met you. But we have to have our best wishes for love, because today is our first Valentine … and, who knows, if it really will keep us together for another year, maybe forever. Because it is said that Valentine protects great loves, and knows that our love is intense. Love you very much!

No matter the time, it matters how beautiful the shared moments have been. Do you want to be my Valentine?

Each star is in the sky, each star shines, but I chose you. You are my star!

My best videos for Valentines Day. I hope that the sweet claws of love lurk in you and you spend a magical and pleasant day. With me, of course!

I wanted to find the best gift for Valentines Day, but going around and around I discovered: The best gift would be to prove the rest of my life how much I feel for you.

Valentines Day Wishes for Lover


I wish you were the first thing I saw when I woke up and the last thing I saw while sleeping, but the distance separates us, and I have to settle for you being the first thing I see when I fall asleep and the last thing I see before I wake up.

There are no phrases of love that can express everything I feel for you, but if you put your hand on my chest, you can feel the rhythm of my heart, which beats for you. Happy Valentines Day Love!

When we are not together, I feel lost, as if the whole world is no longer here. However, when I am with you, it is as if it were always Valentines Day. When my eyes meet your love, I understand that it rewards the waiting time.

We are two live drops of water, in an ocean of love. Our love is endlessly beautiful!

You are my only and true love, the sun that illuminates the light of my days, you are the key that opens the doors of happiness.

Any time is good to remind you how much I love you and everything you mean to me. Happy Valentines Day!

If I dared to tell you how I feel about you, I would be short, for words would be lacking in this immense feeling.

I love you to love you and not to be loved, since nothing pleases me more than to see you happy. Greetings love.

I never knew I had a dream, until that dream was you. Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day Wishes for Him or Her


Valentines Day Quotes

Since you arrived you gave meaning to my life and now I see everything better. Because before I knew you my eyes were blindfolded and you enlightened me.

I could live forever. But without you, without your love and your kisses; My heart breaks and I die instantly.

My best wishes for a Happy Valentines Day to all lovers who, like me, have found their soulmate, and best wishes also for those who are still looking for it.

I want to fall asleep in your arms, so I can wake up with a kiss. I want to sleep awake.

On this wonderful day I feel lucky to have you by my side: today on Valentines Day, I have another opportunity to remind you how much I love you.

There are many legends about Valentines Day, one is the one in which it is said that he gave roses to those who passed through his garden. You are my rose!

Today I am listening to the song of the birds, the murmur of the flowing river, the smell of the balconies decorated with colorful flowers. But what I’m missing this Valentines Day, is the smell of your presence.

I will make my love do not forget it, that my name in your memories will remain and if it is true that love eventually dies, I will make the time stopped wait.

If you could see in my heart, you would see how infinite my love is for you. Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day, love. I take this day to tell you: I love you … and a lifetime to prove it.

When I met you I was afraid to hug you, when I hugged you I was afraid to kiss you, when I kissed you I was afraid to love you and now that I love you I am afraid of losing you.

Nothing can describe what I feel now, every thought I have is blind and even my mind is blind. How can I ask a blind man to admire the sunset? … Yes I am blind, but blind with love.

Short Valentines Day Wishes

valentines day wishes

  • If Adam for Eva ate an apple, I would like the whole fruit store for you
  • Around you, Valentines Day is breathed every day. I love you!
  • Today I love you more than yesterday and if yesterday I loved you too much, imagine how much I love you today …
  • I love you without end, you love me at night and day … Today for Valentines Day, love will be our guide.
  • Today on Valentines Day I would like to confess a secret: I love you more than anyone else in the world!
  • Love is like the universe, infinite love is what I feel for you. Happy Valentines Day!
  • It is said that each emotion has a color: you are my rainbow!
Happy Valentines Day Images 2019