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100 Romantic Love Quotes for Valentine’s Day 2019

love Quotes for Valentine’s Day: The concept of love has evolved over the centuries leaving us many memorable phrases. These are some of them. Poets, philosophers, theologians and thinkers of all kinds have reflected on the meaning of love, which hosts a large number of meanings within it. These are some of the happiest reflections that the most brilliant minds of thought and literature have left us on the concept of love.

love Quotes for Valentines Day

love Quotes for Valentines Day

Romantic love Quotes for Valentine’s Day

The greatest declaration of love is that which is not made; The man that feels a lot, speaks little. Plato

Love is the ultimate meaning of everything that surrounds us. It is not a simple feeling, it is the truth, it is the joy that is at the origin of all creation. Rabindranath Tagore

There is always some madness in love. More also there is always a little reason in madness. Friedrich Nietsze

Love, to be authentic, must cost us. Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Loving oneself is the beginning of a story of eternal love. Oscar Wilde

The paradox of love is to be oneself, while remaining two. Erich Fromm

Desire automatically dies when it is achieved: it finishes when satisfied. Love, on the other hand, is an eternal dissatisfied one.Ortega y Gasset

 love Quotes for Valentine’s Day 2019

Love! It is the wing that God has given to the soul so that it can ascend to him. Michel de Montaigne

In war, as in love, to reach the goal it is necessary to approach. Napoleon Bonaparte

O mighty love! That sometimes makes a beast a man, and sometimes a man a beast. William Shakespeare

Love is the only thing that grows when it is shared. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Friendship is love without his wings.Lord Byron

Certainly a prudent love is better; but it is preferable to love madly to lack all love.William Thackeray

Love is like fever: it sprouts and increases against our will.Stendhal

There is something better than a love between us: a complicity.Marguerite Yourcenar

It says hecatón: I will discover a way to provoke love without magic filter, without herbs, without sorcerous spells: if you want to be loved, love.Seneca

Romantic Valentine’s Day Quotes

The saddest thing about love is that not only can it not always last, but that despair is also soon forgotten.William Faulkner

The most beautiful moment of love, the only one that truly intoxicates us, is this prelude: the kiss.Paul Geraldy

Love is as important as food. But it does not feed.Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The strongest and purest love is not the one that rises from the impression, but the one that descends from the admiration.Saint Catherine of Siena 

Much love germinates in chance; always have the hook ready, and in the place where you least expect it, you will find fishing.Ovid

Love never dies of hunger; often indigestion.Ninon by Lenclos

One does not kill oneself for the love of a woman. One is killed because a love, any love, reveals our nakedness, our misery, our helplessness, nothingness.Cesare Pavese

 Happy Valentines Day Quotes 2019

Love is the first word of god. It is the first thought that crossed his mind.Knut Hamsum

Everything that is done out of love is done beyond good and evil.Friedrich Nietsze

The measure of love is to love without measure.San Agustin

Love is a crime that can not be realized without an accomplice.Charles Baudelaire

At first all thoughts belong to love, then all love belongs to thoughts.Albert Einstein

Love is born from memory, lives from intelligence and dies by oblivion.Pablo Neruda

Do not love who you do not admire. Love without admiration is only friendship.George Sand

Love is like Don Quixote: when he regains his judgment, he is ready to die.Jacinto Benavente

The men who are most capable of thinking about love are those who have least experienced it; and those who have lived it are usually unable to meditate on it.Ortega y Gasset

Love consists of two solitudes that protect, limit and try to make each other happy.Rainer María Rilke 

Love is never lost, if it is not reciprocated, it will return, soften and purify the heart.Washington Irving

When you want to give love, there is a risk: to receive it.Moliere

Pain is the essential food of love; Any love that has not been nourished by a little pure pain, dies.Maurice Maeterlinck

 Happy Valentines Day Sayings 2019

This society gives us facilities to make love, but not to fall in love.Antonio Gala

Fear the woman’s love more than man’s hatred.Socrates

Love is invisible and enters and leaves where you want, without anyone asking for your facts.Miguel de Cervantes

The love is the desire to obtain the friendship of a person that attracts us by its beauty.Marco Tulio Cicero

 Love is the rejoicing for the sole existence of the other.Jorge Bucay

 Love in France is a comedy; in England, a tragedy; in Italy, an opera and in Germany, a melodrama.Lacordaire

When unbridled love enters the heart, it gnaws away all other feelings; lives at the expense of honor, faith and the given word.Alexandre Dumas

 You can not put a price on love, but you can put all your accessories.Maximo Gorki

 Love moves the sun and the stars.Dante Aligheri

Love is a comedy in which the acts are very short and the intermissions longer: how to fill the intermediates but through ingenuity ?.Anne of Lenclós

The love of life is essentially as incommunicable as pain.Francis Scott Fitzgerald

Ambition and love are the wings of great actions.Goethe

Love is that disappointed affection that survives after a moment of slime.Cioran

 Love sympathizes, and pities more the more he loves.Miguel de Unamuno

Love creates in the woman, a new woman; the day before, it does not exist the next day.Honore de Balzac

I do not know why there was not going to be a machine that wrote love letters. Are not they all the same?George Bernard Shaw

 Whoever does not feel love, should learn to flatter or never go afloat.Gustave Flaubert

Often love, stormy commerce, ends in bankruptcy.Nicolas Chamfort

The bad thing about love is that many confuse it with gastritis and, when they have healed of the indisposition, they find that they have married.Groucho Marx

Frightful game of love, in which it is necessary that one of both players loses the government of itself.Charkes Baudelaire

 Who can say how much he loves, little love feels.Petrarch

The love of man is something separate in his life, while that of woman is his entire existence.Lord Byron

Love is the strongest of passions, because it attacks at the same time the head, the heart and the body.Voltaire

Where the love reigns, laws left over.Plato

There is no love without fear of offending or losing what one loves.Francisco de Quevedo

Love is a friendship with erotic moments.Antonio Gala

The love that is born suddenly is the slowest to heal.Jean de la Bruyere

 The secret of happiness in love consists less in being blind than in closing your eyes when you need to.Simone de Beauvior

Love is a sensation that emanates from the heart and through the blood reaches every cell of the body.Alexander Lowen

Love, as practiced today in society, is nothing more than an exchange of two fantasies and the contact of two epidermis.Nicolás Chamfort

Some people fascinate with the kiss, the word and a touch that excites even the most blind matter. They are human beings who throb with life without allowing themselves to rest.Elena Ochoa

 If lovers of wine and love go to hell … empty paradise must be.Omar Khayam

Love is an activity, not a passive effect; it is a continuous being, not a sudden start.Erich Fromm

 Love is like mayonnaise sauce: when cut, you have to throw it away and start a new one.Enrique Jardiel Poncela

Love as a principle, order as a basis, progress as an end.Auguste Comte

 To replace self-love with the love of others is to change an insufferable tyrant for a good friend.Concepción Arenal

 Admiration is frozen love.Francoise Sagan

Physical love is a natural instinct, like hunger and thirst; but the permanence of love is not an instinct.André Maurois

In art as in love, it is enough with instinct.Anatole France

 Best Valentines Day 2019 Quotes

Can one remember love? It’s like trying to evoke the scent of roses in a basement. You can see the rose, but never the perfume.Arthur Miller

Love is like fever: it is born and extinguished without the will taking the least part in it.Stendhal

Love: a serpent with two heads that are constantly monitored.Elías Canetti

 Love is when you do not breathe, when it’s absurd, when you miss, when it’s beautiful even when it’s out of tune, when it’s madness … when you just think of seeing it with another you’ll swim across the oceanFederico Moccia

There is no feeling worth; Love is an occupation like any other.Jacinto Benavente

Love opens the parenthesis, marriage closes it.Victor Hugo

 Love should not only be a flame, but a light.Henry David Thoreau

True love always supposes the renunciation of one’s own personal comfort.Leon Tolstoi

Love is a mystery. Everything in him are phenomena to which more inexplicable; everything in him is illogical, everything in him is vague and absurd.Gustavo Adolfo Becquer

Love can do everything, and also the opposite of everything.Alberto Moravia

Love is like wine, and like wine, it comforts others and destroys others.Stefan Zweig

Is it any wonder that love has almost always preferred the poetic to the philosophical course ?.María Zambrano

The true explanation of this world, whatever the other’s, is love, not German philosophy.Oscar Wilde

In love it is not enough to attack, you have to take the square.Ovid

 Whenever hate and love compete, it is love that wins.Calderón de la Barca

All we know about love is that love is all there is.Emily Dickinson

Love can be a hobby and a tragedy.Isadora Duncan

In love, all summits are stormy.Marquis of Sade

Love is born of two loves and dies in one.Antonio Porchia

All genuine love is compassion, and all love that is not compassion is selfishness.Arthur Shopenhauer

Many more people die of venereal diseases than of love.Chumy Chúmez

In love there are no crimes or crimes, only lack of good taste.Paul Geraldy

The love that is a fool at twenty years old is a madman at sixty.George Sand

Love inspires the greatest deeds and prevents doing them.Alexandre Dumas

Going without love for life is like going to combat without music, like going on a trip without a book, like going by the sea without a star to guide us.Sthendal

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Happy Valentines Day Quotes 2020 for Romantic Wish

Collection of cute thoughts, verses, poems, cards and postcards to share on February 14, a day dedicated to love or for any other date of the year. Valentines Day Quotes for lovers in the Day of Love Valentines Day Quotes, verses and love poems to send on that day as marked as it is on February 14 or any other day of the year.

Valentines Day Quotes

Happy Valentines Day Quotes with which to confess and declare your feelings to the right person, Valentines Day Quotes for everyone who is in love, even if it is not returned. Beautiful, cute, tender Valentines Day Quotes of love and affection.

Beautiful things to express, transmit, confess and declare your most intimate and sincere feelings.
To read and share.

Valentines Day Quotes

Valentines Day Quotes for Valentine’s Day

  • On this Valentine’s Day, I send you a rose, a kiss of love and my heart for you.
  • Be careful with Cupid, because arrow in an oversight, like me that the very bandit, in your arms has given me.
  • Wanting without hope is a beautiful love, I love you and I do not expect anything from you, see if I love you.
  • If seeing means dying, I prefer 1000 times to die of love, to live and not be able to see you.
  • What are your favorite countries in the world? – Your eyes, your lips and your mouth. – But those are not countries! – It’s that YOU are my world.
  • Stop breathing for a minute, and you will feel what I feel, when you are not.
  • If I loved you, I would have a life sentence.
  • If you lived in heaven, I would die just to go see you.
  • I’m sorry for loving you too much, but I do not know how to love you less.
  • You are so sweet that you make honey look like salt.
  • You started stealing a smile and you ended up stealing my heart.
  • I will hold you in my heart, until I can hold you in my arms.

Valentines Day Love Quotes

  • Last night I dreamed about you. – Wow! Really, how was it? – I do not remember. – So, how do you know you dreamed about me? – I just woke up so happy!
  • I’m afraid you’ll get tired of me. – Do you get tired of breathing? – No. – Well, how I’m going to get tired of thinking about you!
  • You are the gift I never asked for, the piece of heaven I did not deserve … I love you.
  • For you I would give everything, but … what could I give you, if all I have is yours?
  • I would like us to be together this February 14th, but also the 15th, the 16th, the 17th and all that remains of our life.
  • You are the best thing in my life – How many more do you tell them? – To all. – To all?! – Yes, I tell them all that you are the best thing in my life.
  • I love you blindly so you do not get out of my eyes.
  • Just in case it is night and you feel alone, empty and sad I will leave the door of my heart open.
  • My hands are full of caresses, I give them to you!
  • I do not promise you days without nights if you are with me, but be a candle in your dark moments.
  • If I love you in good times ….. In bad times: I LOVE YOU!

Valentines Day Quotes and messages for Husband and Wife

  • To you who are lips of my smile, to you who are the eyes of my sweet look, to you who are the crystal of my soul, to you is the one I can only love. Love of my loves, loquita I am for you, you do not know what I feel, when you are not next to me.
  • I like you so much, that I even like being imprisoned, in the networks of your charm.
  • Stop breathing for a minute, and you will feel what I feel, when you are not.
  • I stop the world when you look at me, as you look at me and I steal sighs to the sky for your kisses, I think I can not love you anymore and yet, every moment I love you more and more.
  • I remember you with tenderness, I still taste your kisses like a chocolate, I look at your picture with a smile and with this phrase of love, I send my heart to you.
  • Do not let them steal your heart, leave the doors open to be taken with love.
  • Devil with clear eyes, you are a great thief, because without realizing it, you stole my heart.
    If you want to hurt me do not do it with a dagger, just tell me you do not love me, and the wound will be deadly.
  • I know I can not fly, but someone who makes me feel that I can achieve it and that person is you.
  • Yellow is gold, white is silver, and black is the look that kills me.
  • Handfuls of pins look like your eyelashes and every time you look at me, you stick them in my soul.
  • If you doubt my love, give me a stab, and in every drop of blood, you will see your recorded image.
  • My eyes are guilty and they are going to cry a lot, because yesterday they saw a boy that they will not be able to forget.
  • I would like to be a tear of yours, to be born in your eyes, live in your cheeks and die on your lips.
  • For 1 kiss from your mouth, 2 caresses would give you, 3 hugs that show, 4 times my joy, and in the 5th symphony, from my 6th thought, 7 times I would tell you, the 8 letters of a “I LOVE
  • YOU”, because 9 times for you I live and 10 times for you I die.

Valentines Day Quotes for Him or Her

  • To be in love is: To live loving, to love suffering, to suffer silence and always smiling.
  • Love is not counting the years, but the years count.
  • Happiness is a 9-letter word, mine only has two … YOU
  • Do you know why the sea is salty? … Because you stole all the sweetness.
  • I may not be the richest person in the world, but by your side I feel more fortunate.
  • Who writes to you is my pencil, who dictates it is my soul, who loves you and does not forget you, you already know what it’s called.
  • You are like a star, so beautiful to admire her and so far away to touch her.
  • Love is not the desire to sleep with someone, but to sleep with someone.
  • Saying your name is simply spelling my destiny …
  • Never forget that the first kiss does not occur with the mouth, but with the eyes.
  • When I can give you a kiss, you’ll know everything I’ve kept quiet.
  • Do you know what is the best thing about sleeping? … Knowing that I can dream about you.
  • And the nice thing about waking up? It’s that you’re not a dream, you’re real.
  • Never say never, never say always, never say what your heart does not feel.
  • Do not kill me with a knife, do not kill me with a dagger; Kill me with a kiss from you, from your glass mouth.
  • For some eyes that I am seeing, for those eyes I die, and although I know that they have an owner, an owner and everything I love them.
  • Your eyes are to blame for what has happened to me, because with only one look the heart has stolen me.
  • I’ll forget you the day a mute tells a deaf man to look at a blind man who is watching a paralytic running. Never forget you.
  • What guilt the flower has been born in the field, what fault I have to have loved you so much.
  • I would like to tell you what I feel but I know that I should not, I would like to ask you to love me
  • but I know I can not, I would like to have you more, I would like to love you less.
  • So that we lose more time apart, when together we can do what we dream so much.
  • I do not love you because you are beautiful, you are precious because I love you.
  • To you who are lips of my smile, to you who are the eyes of my sweet look, to you who are the crystal of my soul, to you is the one I can only love.

Short Valentines Day love Poems for lovers


  • I try to find a word that defines you, but I can only look you in the eyes and thank you for giving me every second of happiness.
  • I want to live in your life and breathe in your joy, call love to my feelings and enter the sky with your kisses, I want to know that you exist and that I exist for you.
  • I lost the reason when I saw you and crazy of love I gave everything for you, now that I am sane, I still love you and wanting to give you every bit of me.
    If loving you was a crime, I would be given life imprisonment, for loving you so much.
  • I wait for you every day in my dreams and I pick you up when I wake up, I give you a smile and adornment with your eyes every morning, and when I sleep I’ll look for you again until the next awakening.
    ……. I will
  • resign to remember you, to live again our memories that are now pain, I will get to forget you even though I can never forget what I felt for you.
  • Do not look at me with your eyes that make me fall in love, do not make me lose my will under your lips, do not be so cruel giving me all the happiness.
  • February is written with F of HAPPINESS.
    Happiness is having someone to share on the 14th and that corresponds to us.
    It is to receive a nice present or just a flower, but with sincerity.
    It is having someone close with whom to share your tears and your triumphs.
    It is to understand that the love of your life is not a princess or a prince of a story, but a person as imperfect as you.
  • Love sentimental poems
    You fascinate me, because you only exist in my life,
    you fall in love with me because my life is a void without you,
    you feed me because I only live from you,
    you captive me because I can only look at you.
  • I would like you to be a flower,
    so that your aroma enters my heart.
    I would like to dry your tears,
    although I never wanted to see you cry.
    I would like your perfume to be with me, even though you are never close to me.
    I would like you to think of me once, although I know that in another your thinking is.
    You are a flower in my garden, your scent gives me breath and brings fresh breeze to my poor heart.
  • To love is to risk that they do not love you, to wait is to risk feeling pain.
    Trying is risking failure, but you have to take risks,
    because the most dangerous thing in this life is not to risk anything.
    Leo Buscaglia

Why Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day as it is known in the English-speaking countries or Valentine’s Day as it is called in our Hispanic area, is the day dedicated to love and friendship.
Saint Valentine was a Christian martyr, a Roman priest who secretly celebrated marriages for young lovers, defying the laws of the time.

These love Valentines Day Quotes to share on WhatsApp are short and to the point. If you like one of them, you only have to press the text and copy it to the app you prefer.

Valentines Day Wishes

How are these Valentines Day Quotes copied? It is very simple: if you are from the mobile, all you have to do is keep your finger pressed on any of the Valentines Day Quotes that you will see a little below, wait for some option to appear on the screen, and then click on “Copy “; Then, go to WhatsApp (or any other messaging application), open a conversation, click once on the text field and, finally, click on “Paste”. On PC it is as simple as copying and pasting the phrase.

The Romantic Valentines Day Quotes that we have collected are 17 in total, with different tones, from the most mellow to the least. There is a bit of everything in terms of variety.

Romantic Valentines Day 2020 Quotes

  • Love is a condition in which the happiness of another person is essential for your own happiness
  • I love you not for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you
  • I’m in love with your intelligence, with your way of being, with the way you treat me. I hope you never change that time keeps our love forever.
  • If to see you mean to die, I prefer 1000 times to die of love, to live and not be able to see you
  • Nothing I say or give you can express how much I love you. Happy Valentine’s Day my love
  • If you lived in heaven, I would die just to go see you
  • The dream of my life was to find love and with you, I fulfilled all my dreams
  • I’m sorry for loving you too much, but I do not know how to love you less
  • I will hold you in my heart until I can hold you in my arms
  • Today February 14 is my favorite day because I have the perfect excuse to pamper you all day, and I want to start with this message that I chose especially for you, and tell you everything I love you
  • The more time I spend by your side, the more I realize that I am in love with you. Happy Valentines
  • Happy Valentine’s Day. I am enormously HAPPY by your side, I do not want this beautiful LOVE STORY to ever end
  • For you I would give everything, but … what could I give you, if all I have is yours?
  • Love is not counting the years, but the years count
  • Maybe I’m not the richest person in the world, but by your side, I feel the most fortunate
  • Love is like war. Easy to start, but very difficult to stop
  • My life is all day better because you are by my side always in good times and bad

Valentine, remember, is celebrated today February 14. In countries such as Spain, Mexico or Ecuador that is the date chosen for this romantic day, so you better be prepared not to forget to congratulate your partner on this day of the calendar. Just in case, set an alarm on the mobile … it will not be that you forget.

By the way, are you looking for a last minute gift for your partner (for him or her)? Then we go there with some quick recommendations: for her, some Swarovski earrings, or maybe a bathrobe; for him, a beard trimmer, or maybe a fleece for those cold winter days. Happy Valentine 2020!

Happy Valentines Day Images 2019