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[8 Reasons] Why Valentine’s Day is Celebrated on 14th February Valentine’s Day is Celebrated on 14th February: Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th February, which people celebrate as a festival of love. In India, couples celebrate love by giving gifts to their partner, chocolates and so on. But do you know why Valentine is celebrated on 14th February and how did this name? Today we are telling you all the things related to the history of Valentine’s Day, which you hardly know.

Why Valentines Day is Celebrated on 14th February


Why Valentine’s Day is Celebrated on 14th February

  • According to the reports, Valentina is mentioned in the book ‘Oria of Jacobus de Vorazin’. This day is celebrated in the name of a pastor Saint Valentine of Rome.
  • It is said that Saint Valentine was believed to promote love in the world, but in a romance in Rome, a King did not like this and he was against love marriage.
  • They considered love marriage wrong.
  • Emperor Claudius felt that the people of Rome are not being recruited in the army because of their strong attachment to their wives and families. To overcome this problem, Claudius banned marriage and engagement in Rome.
  • Pastor Valentin felt the order of the emperor as an injustice to the people. They protested against it and provided weddings of several officers and soldiers. After this he was hanged on 14th February.
  • From that day every year this day is celebrated as ‘Day of Love‘.
  • Many reports show that Saint Valentin had written a letter to the jailer’s daughter while in prison, in which he wrote “Your Valentines.”
  • This festival is celebrated all over the world and it is celebrated in different ways. However, in many countries, it is forbidden to celebrate its celebration against culture.
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45+ Valentines Gifts for Mens 2020 (all Kinds of Men)

Valentines Gifts for Mens: Having to give a gift almost never is an easy task, it always goes through your head the fact that it may not be to the liking of that person and, although it may seem a lie, knowing what are the Best Valentines Gifts for Mens is usually quite complicated.

Valentines Gifts for Mens

Valentines Gifts for Mens

Even more than the gifts for boyfriends, so, so that you do not complicate the existence we have created some categories that will be very helpful to find the perfect gift for perfect occasion.

Valentines Gifts for Mens with images, cheap and unforgettable

You have to be quite honest and that is that many of us do not have enough money, however, we want to give a meaningful gift, something that is unforgettable. At first glance this seems impossible, but it is not, here are some ideas of what you can give and, most importantly, without spending a fortune.

  • You can buy some cupcakes and write inside the box a dedication that comes from the soul.
  • You can prepare some soft drinks and some sandwiches and invite them to watch the sunset together, you can be sure that this sunset will be unforgettable for both of you.
  • You have a story-style video, for this you need photos since he was little to tell the story from his birth, to the present, something like the story of how he becomes a beautiful swan.

Valentines Gifts for young men

It is not for nothing, but young men are quite predictable, since they are teenagers until they are 18 years old and, in many cases even when they are already grandparents, the only thing that interests them is the play station.

Gifts for young men

Gifts for young men

But in case you can not buy this device that women hate so much, you can give them the following.

  • A wallet.
  • A shirt of your favorite team.
  • A lever play station, sorry, but the lack of the main device, at least one accessory, yes, as long as he already has the main device.

Valentines Gifts for Older men

The gifts for older men are not so predictable, but it’s nice to buy them because at the age of 40, 50 years or 60 years men strive to look really good, for being all gentlemen.

And, of course, all women like this, so good gifts are the following.

  • A grooming kit for the beard, because a clean-shaven man is worth it.
  • Accessories for your personal arrangement, you know, some good belts or straps, some cufflinks so you can see everything distinguished, etc.
  • A bottle of liquor, because every older man needs his good bottle of liquor to live in peace.

Valentines Day Gifts for older men

The gifts for older men are not so predictable, but it’s nice to buy them because at the age of 40, 50 years or 60 years men strive to look really good, for being all gentlemen. And, of course, all women like this, so good gifts are the following.

  • A grooming kit for the beard, because a clean-shaven man is worth it.
  • Accessories for your personal arrangement, you know, some good belts or straps, some cufflinks so you can see everything distinguished, etc.
  • A bottle of liquor, because every older man needs his good bottle of liquor to live in peace..

Romantic, Valentine’s gifts for mens

You must know that men are not characterized by being so romantic, but they like to be allowed for special dates such as Valentine’s Day or the anniversary date . On these occasions what you can give him is the following.

  • A basket with your favorite fruits, desserts and drinks, you know that full belly, happy heart.
  • A crystal plate that has a message of love or a dedication engraved on it.
  • A promise ring, either of friendship or love, so you kill two birds with one shot, if they are boyfriends landmarks and if you just want him as a friend you make it clear that it is only a promise of pure and sincere friendship.

Funny valentines gifts for men

A meaningful gift does not always have to be expensive, almost always the gifts that best memories leave are those that kill you with laughter.

funny valentines gifts for men

So if you want to give an original and funny gift here you have a few geeky ideas .

  • Choose some photos that are favorable to you or him and turn them into memes, then print them and put them inside some balloons. These can be left in your room or given to you personally so that you can observe his face when he sees them.
  • Buy her underwear with funny messages.
  • Buy a delicate gift box and put condoms and wrapping paper inside.

Personalized gifts, crafts and home

Crafts and personalized gifts are always welcome, are a sign that, really, you wanted to surprise that person, some ideas below.

  • A personalized cap with a photo or a phrase that identifies you.
  • There are services on the internet where you can ask them to make a personalized song for anyone, this is undoubtedly a super detail.
  • A surprise box of these that have many notes, photos, sweets and nice things, you can find thousands of tutorials on the internet.

And, definitely, the gifts at home are a great surprise in which it is worth investing no matter what, some examples below.

  • Breakfast at home, there are many pages on Instagram where you can get this service.
  • Stuffed animals, there are more and more stores that offer to take home the things you want, so, you can buy a stuffed animal and send it along with a card.
  • Pizza, this is a gift that everyone would like to receive, so surprise your friend or boyfriend with a pizza of your favorite ingredients.

Gifts for men travelers, athletes and technology

This category is especially aimed at those men who have a passion for sports, travel or technology.

valentines gifts for men

In these cases the gifts should always have connection with these passions, for example, for the travelers the gifts can be the following ones.

  • Comfortable shoes, those that endure the use and abuse.
  • A thermos or canteen to stay hydrated while you make your trips.
  • A trip with all the expenses paid, this is something a little expensive, but it is like the dream of every traveler.

For athletes the gifts can be the following:

  • An adventure walk where you have to climb, hike, swim, extreme sports, etc.
  • Some good shoes with which you can perform the sport you practice.
  • Wireless headphones, because it is always better to play sports accompanied by good music.

For those who love technology, gifts can be the following.

  • A drone, you’ll have to sell a kidney if you want to buy a quality one, but it’s worth it.
  • Some virtual reality glasses, in them you will have to leave an eye pawned, but it is also worth it.
  • An electronic skateboard, these are not excessively expensive so, you just have to stay without eating for a week to be able to buy them.

Christmas, birthday and wedding gifts

These three festivities are special, however, the gifts you can give are very similar no matter if it is Christmas, if it is a birthday or if it is your wedding, some examples below.

  • Clothing, whether t-shirts, pants, sweatshirts, etc.
  • A bottle of wine or champagne, if it is for wedding gifts, includes their respective glasses.
  • Perfume, get your favorite fragrance or one that resembles it.

Amazon gifts for secret friend and for Kings Day

If the day of the secret friend is approaching or the day of Kings and you do not know what you can give, in Amazon you find an infinity of options that you can choose, then some examples.

  • Selection of beers from around the world, here are included the most exclusive, definitely a good gift.
  • Watches, in Amazon you have a multitude of models, so, surely you find one that goes with your tastes and personality.
  • Loudspeakers, as with watches, in loudspeakers you also find many models with more or less functions, as you want.

Gifts for Christian men, for retired men and for men who have everything

In this category are men who, apparently, there are not many options to give. So, we will give you some gift options for Christian men so you can choose the one that best suits you.

  • Dress shirts or shirts, or t-shirts with Christian messages.
  • Ties of neutral colors.
  • Books of topics that are not in opposition to their beliefs.

In the case of retired men the gifts could be the following.

  • A day of walk to relax.
  • A mug with a message of congratulations or admiration.
  • A dinner.

And, in the case of men who have everything, you may think that there is absolutely nothing you can give them or that they have to be something very elegant, however, in these cases, simple gifts are the most appreciated, for example.

  • A small plant in symbol of friendship or love.
  • A handmade card.
  • A dessert prepared by you.

Uff and with that we end up with gifts for all kinds of men . Anyway, if you think we have left some you can comment below and we will get to work with suggestions for that type of male representatives.

The 12 Best Valentine’s Gifts for Boyfriend Ideas 2020

Happy Valentines Gifts for Boyfriend Ideas: A new day of love and friendship has arrived, and in this article I want to give you some Valentines Gifts for Boyfriend. I want to show you a wide range of options, from simple ideas that can have a big emotional charge, small creative details that will touch your heart, to material things that your boy might like.

Valentines Gifts for Boyfriend Ideas

We must also admit something, it is not especially the favorite day of men, and however much he is in love with his girl, he is not as susceptible to romantic gifts as we are, but it is normal, it is his nature, and that does not mean that will not appreciate your details.

What to give on Valentine to a man?

What are the best gifts for February 14 for my boyfriend ? Without a doubt the best gift will be the one that shows your love, every boy and every couple is a world, but the effort you show him will appreciate it a lot. If you want to touch your heart in the day of the lovers , here I leave you some options, cheesy and not cheesy, which will surely touch the sensitive vein :), Let’s see !. (See Also: Valentine Day Messages)

1. Sexy underwear

valentines day gift

Maybe this is not what you expected! hehe, but you always have to see the fun side of this day, and if cupid wears those sexy pints, you or your boy will not be less ! It could be a funny detail to give her some boxers of hearts, or to buy her a sexy red lingerie, and surprise him in the night.  (See Also: How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message)

2. Little notes with kisses

valentines day gift for men

I know! It’s a bit corny, but it’s one of those crafts that if you do not know what to give on February 14 , you can get it out of the hurry very quickly. Most men like their girl’s painted lips, so you can leave sweet (and sexy) messages behind each kiss. (See Also: How to Get Your Ex Back)

3. An autographed ball

90% of guys like sports, but getting an autograph from your favorite sportsperson is not going to be easy! So you could autograph it ! Do not cut yourself, and buy him a ball, sign him, and leave messages around him. And if that ball you add a couple of tickets to see a game, better !. (See Also: Valentines Day Poems for Him or Her)

4. A breakfast

The food will always be one of the best gifts for Valentine , the ideal is to be prepared by you, and take it to bed, you’ll see that so adorable smile is drawn on his face. You could also take him to breakfast at a hotel, or somewhere he likes. (See Also: Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids)

5. If you like reading

In the case that your boy likes to read, you can give him his favorite book, if you are not very clear about his tastes for reading, you can give him a best seller. You could also give him a Kindle, so he can always download the books he wants! (See Also: Valentine’s Day Craft)

6. Romantic keychains

It is not the most original options , but I assure you that it is one of the most beautiful memories you can find. I mean the key chains that are split in half, in the shape of a heart . You also have the pendants, but I do not think you’re going to wear them, but a keychain is more likely to be used. (See Also: Happy Valentines Day Greetings )

Romantic keychains

And I assure you that there is nothing more beautiful than to meet these memories years later and remember how endearing that day was.

It is not the most original options , but I assure you that it is one of the most beautiful memories you can find. I mean the key chains that are split in half, in the shape of a heart . You also have the pendants, but I do not think you’re going to wear them, but a keychain is more likely to be used. And I assure you that there is nothing more beautiful than to meet these memories years later and remember how endearing that day was.  (See Also: Love Quotes for Valentine’s Day)

7. A clock

Who would not like to get a good watch ?. It’s not the most creative thing in history, but it’s something useful and I’m sure you’ll appreciate it a lot. I do not want to be corny either, telling you that it is a good way for me to remember you every hour. But it is practical ! Also, if you like commercial details, this insurance will make you excited !. (See Also: Happy Valentines Day Images)

8. A homemade frame with messages of love

homemade frame with messages of love

We return to the home details with this creative portrait. It is a romantic and discreet option, without having to resort to hearts and flowers. And it is very likely that you even hang it in the room. Place behind the photograph a letter of a song that you like, or that defines them both. Or as a last option, you can put a poem. (See Also: Valentine Day Image, Wishes, Quotes)

9. If you like video games

If your boy and sun gamer, do not split your head so much, give him a game of the console you have, or you could do a little more effort, and buy your favorite console. I assure you that he will never forget hehe. (See Also: Happy Valentines Day Quotes)

10. Perfume

It’s typical, but if you still have doubts, it’s the standard gift that never fails. Find out what your favorite perfume is, and I’m sure you’ll appreciate it a lot.

11. If you like to take care of yourself

If your man is one of those who have no qualms about admitting that they like to take care of themselves, and they care a lot about their image , you can give them a “mini men’s spa”. There is no better way to pamper your man with this detail with his cream after shave, wax for hair, basil, and you can add some chocolates that are never over !. (See Also: Happy Valentines Day Wishes)

12. Creative gifts

Something creative that you can do, is a little box with your most representative photos, something made by you will always carry a very big emotional charge . You can do it with a wooden box, and go adding the photos as an accordion, and on the back you can add a little note, you will love !. (See Also: Happy Valentines Day Gif)

How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message [Recommanded]

How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message: If you think that by ending up with your ex everything is lost, you are wrong, you can recover it using the technology in your favor and, here you will learn How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message boyfriend or girlfriend for WhatsApp. To start, choose if you want to go back with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend down here:

How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message

How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message

How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back Fast by Text Message

I know that for now feel the urge to run to kiss him and, at the same time give him a slap for making you suffer, is normal, but you have to stop thinking about him for a moment and concentrate on you.

Women and men are different

Of course, this is true until a little three years old, but I am not talking about what is evident, I am talking about what catches the attention of both men and women, of the difference in how they act and how they express their feelings.

For example, while women express everything we feel, men try to repress their emotions, while women melt for romantic words, men drool over a good physique.

So, it is necessary for you to act in such a way that you can get the attention of your ex, instead of doing things as most women normally do.

Let’s do it

If there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that you’re going to get your boy back, so take note and put the following tips into practice.

  1. One of the things that bothers men the most, are the complaints, they do not want to hear that you want to die or how sad you are because the relationship ended. So, stop posting in your profile picture sad images or phrases that make reference to that you are heartbroken, have the same with the WhatsApp states.
  2. Your new states and profile photos should be interesting and fun , you should see well groomed and happy. Try to make your photos perfect and highlight your physical features that most attract your attention, that you look like a queen.
  3. Stop writing, the men do not call attention to those who find it easy to get, they want someone who poses a challenge. So, the less you write to her, the more attractive you will be and you will get her to miss you.
  4. Know what your ex is doing so you can be one step ahead, for this, use social networks and do it wisely so you do not realize. For example, look at your profile photos, but avoid seeing the states you publish on WhatsApp so you do not know you’re spying on it. The same with the other social networks, just look at what you publish and be careful not to give likes by accident. By doing this you will be able to know if your tastes are changing, you can deduce how your mood is, etc.
  5. Improves your personality , although it is true that men are very fixed in the physical, when they fall in love with the personality you can ask for the moon and they lower it. So, you must be the perfect combination of an attractive personality and a charming physique to make you fall in love again.
  6. This is the moment when you are ready to get back in touch with your ex, it is time for you to write again and to start a pleasant conversation, free of complaints and uncomfortable topics . With this you get your ex to think about you again, to feel different, renewed and improved.

So, leave with the desire to know more about you and again cut the contact, do not write for a few days so that it is he who takes the initiative.

When I write you, take your time to respond, remember that you must see yourself as a difficult girl to get. Keep this interaction for a couple of weeks, write it to awaken your interest and then let him look for you.

In this way, you make him feel the need to look for ways to get your attention back, so he is very likely to invite you out.

In that case, impáctalo with your new personality and looks stunning for him to know what is being lost, I guarantee that it will not take long to ask for a second chance.

How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Fast by Text Message for WhatsApp

You are one of those guys who do not give up and play until their last card for that person you love, so, this is for you. Do not lose your girl and learn How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message for WhatsApp.

It is likely that until now you have made some unintentional mistakes to try to win her back, it is normal for that to happen when desperation clouds your mind.

Therefore, before using resources in it, it is necessary that you use them in yourself, that you clear your mind and be able to see things clearly.

1. Start by ordering your thoughts

Try to relax so you can identify what you really feel, once you have done this, eliminate the emotions that make you act on impulse as the fear of losing it and the loneliness that makes you not stop looking for it.

Finally, for you to see the whole picture and be able to do things well, it is necessary that you try to feel what your ex is feeling.

Is it possible that I feel you failed him? Is it possible that I feel you do not deserve another chance? Is it possible that you feel suffocated by all your messages and calls? Is it possible that he feels that she is the center of your universe?

And, in case some of the answers are affirmative, do not feel bad, this is just a technique so you can achieve to see as your “enemy” and that your moves are correct.

Now, with a clear view of both sides of the coin, it is time to start executing the plan.

2. Do not have it on a pedestal

Regardless of what you think your ex-girlfriend is feeling and thinking about you, one thing is 100% certain, she is convinced that it is the oxygen of your life.

Yes, as such, your ex does not doubt that you can not live without her, this is because since they finished, you have not stopped looking for her and writing her back.

And then, that has made your self-esteem rise too high, now you have the luxury of not answering your messages, of not answering your calls, and probably even blocking you, am I wrong?

I do not think so, almost always the same happens when you make her think herself more important than she should be.

Therefore, it is time that you lower it from the pedestal, it is necessary that, from this moment you stop writing, do not call it anymore, do not look for it, and even avoid it.

This will make her feel confused, remember that she is accustomed to a routine where you do not stop making her feel like a goddess and, suddenly, you simply stop feeding her ego, this, dear friend, is to use psychology in your favor .

3. Do not fall into temptation

Of course, this will not be easy for you since, you have also fallen into this routine where you feel the need to make her feel good so that she can return with you.

Therefore, you should take action on the matter so that you will not be tempted to write it and the solution is not to block it.

For this you must delete all the conversations that you have saved from it and you must configure the privacy of your WhatsApp account so that nobody can see if you are connected or at what time you were chatting for the last time.

This option also prevents you from seeing the time and connection status of your contacts, so, not knowing if she is using WhatsApp or not, you are less likely to feel like writing to her.

But also, by having willpower and not writing to her for some time, she will only be thinking of you, and will try to find the reason why you have “forgotten” her.

4. Wake up your curiosity

As I already told you, she will seek to know about you and will resort to the trustworthy old woman, your status and your profile picture.

So, it’s time to use it to your advantage, forget about the phrases that can make you think you’re having a bad time, sad photos or images that have nothing to do with you.

Your profile picture should make you believe you were never better, try to choose a new photo and change it with some frequency.

You can be with one of your friends where they are having fun, but never with a girl, or a photo where you are in a place you did not know before, doing extreme sports, etc.

This will make you look like an interesting person and they will send her the signal that she is losing good things with you, happy moments and new experiences.

But better yet, they will make her believe that she has wasted every opportunity with you and will regret not having listened to you.

5. Surprise her

Now she believes that at last you surpassed her and that there is no way to find her again, this is the perfect moment in which you should surprise her.

You just have to write to greet her and you will notice that she no longer ignores you, on the contrary, she responds immediately.

Greet her for a couple of days and then try to have normal conversations with her, tell her interesting, funny things, try to make her have fun while talking with you.

A good way to achieve this is by reminding him of things they were accomplices in, funny experiences they had, etc.

Thus, she will soon give you signals that she wants to be your girlfriend again and you will have her back.

How to Get Your Ex Back for Men and Women

How to Get Your Ex Back: I know how you feel. That person that made you feel special, that made you sigh and with which you may have dreamed to reach further away is no longer at your side. You know it’s your love, you know what it means to you, that’s why you ask yourself ” How to Get Your Ex Back” Well let me reveal how to recover your partner with a proven method even if you do not want to return or no longer loves you.

How to Get Your Ex Back

How to Get Your Ex Back

How to Get Your Ex Back

The method to return to your ex will vary depending on whether you are male or female . Click here below on the subject of your interest:

For men: How to Get Your Ex Ex-wife or girlfriend

I know you must feel confused, not knowing what to do and with a tremendous void. Breaking relationships with the woman you love (or who you now know you love) is one of the most difficult situations for a man to face .

Even so, I am going to ask for your peace of mind, because despair leads almost all men to fall into certain errors that could cost them the ultimate loss of their woman. That is why you have to avoid the following if you want to recover your ex.

The 3 errors that will make you lose it forever

These are the 3 most expensive actions that can cost you, they are the most common and above all are the ones that many men usually commit just in the days after the break. Be very careful

  • Harass your ex . This is a desperate measure of who has suffered a break but it is the most dangerous thing you could do. Do not send text messages, not WhatsApp , not Facebookand worse yet, introduce yourself to your work, university or your home. Let her breathe and think about the things that you will use that time to prepare your reconquest strategy.
  • Pretender pity him . This happens more frequently among adolescents but also among young and immature men. Do not post phrases on your Facebook wall to recover your ex from spite , do not change your WhatsApp photo for one where you are sad or crying, do not put depressions or use other people to let them know how deep you have fallen. That big mistake will only convince her that ending up with you was the best.
  • Depress you . Although usually insensitive, you should not fall into such deep sadness that you lose your north. An imbalance like this will only lead you to make bad decisions that will end up burying once and for all, that relationship that you can still save.

Keep in mind the above and do not commit any of these 3 errors, even if it seems exaggerated you already have half of the reconquest insured.

Valentines Day Wishes

Now comes the most interesting part, the steps you must follow to get back with your ex girlfriend.

How to Get Your Ex Back my girlfriend: The Step by Step

  1. Begins inside of you . You have to for a moment put aside your feelings of sadness. Do not feel sorry for yourself, that kind of negative thoughts and feelings. Instead, think about your goal, reconquer it, if you put your head in order the rest will be much simpler.
  2. Let a few days go by . If she finished with you today do not expect tomorrow to want to return with you. Give him his space and time to reflect on what he lost. Although each relationship is different, men get the best results if they let 20 days pass . Meanwhile you are going to use those days to become the new you.
  3. Renew yourself . Instead of letting your beard grow like a shipwreck and giving yourself to alcohol, you must become a desirable man. No woman wants a guy who does not love herself, but they love men who look good, smell good and have good self-esteem.
  4. Cloaking your strategy . If for some reason you have to see your ex during the days of separation, please do not show that you are trying hard to get back to her. Always keep a casual smile and give only the necessary attention without scratching the lack of courtesy. If you are too attentive to her or too exaggerated in trying to look good and happy without her, you will notice and the whole plan will come down.
  5. Appointment . Finally, after 20 days of distancing, it is time to make the first post-break contact. You are already a new person, new look, you have fed well, you smell good and above all you feel good. It’s time to see it, but not in any way, this step is crucial and I’ll detail it below.

How to make the Date to Back to your ex

If you were thinking of sending a message to your WhatsApp and tell them you want to see it, what do you think? It would have been a rookie mistake.

Valentines Day Quotes

Avoid in any way a “no” and the easiest way to tell you that it is not for messages of that type, or in the last case you can simply leave in sight. The most effective way is to call your landline .

When you call it, keep the following points in mind:

  • The call must be short , just over two minutes
  • You should ask her in a casual way how she is doing in the main activity she does (study, work, etc.)
  • You will tell him that you are well , that you are dating and meeting new people
  • And finally you will invite her to eat or drink without any commitment and without begging

That way of proposing the appointment is very effective and is sure to tell you yes. But now you must know what to do during your meeting.

What to do during the Date

The most important thing is what you project. Dress well, get a good performance and apply yourself well . She must see your new look, the security and tranquility that you project.

Remember that this appointment is not about boyfriends or anything . Forget telling her sweet things, or calling her as you used to tell her of love. She must be in your mind that woman you’re trying to conquer, and that’s her first date. Remove from your mind the phrase ” how to fall in love with my ex ” and replace it with ” how to love her for the first time “, for you this must be like a beginning, and she must feel it like that.

Happy Valentine Day Image, Wishes & Quotes

Smile spontaneously without forcing anything . Listen to her but without staring at her, give her just the attention it takes to be courteous. Do not ask the world if you’re dating another man.

In the middle of the conversation you have to remind him of some nice moment they have lived together . But yes, leave nostalgia aside please, what you remember should awaken in her a pleasant feeling of that relationship that there was. You do not want me to end up depressed.

Finally after a half hour of happy talk you will hear the phone and you will have to withdraw at the best time of the appointment . Yes, I know that this is not a clean game at all, but it always works.

Leaving at the climax of your date is the best strategy to awaken that desire to return with you in it. It is very likely that after that she calls you to ask you to meet again.

Second contact

In case you do not call a few days, you should prepare the second and final appointment where you will say you deserve another opportunity under good times shared.

You must know exactly what to do and what to say so that your strategy is infallible.

For this what I recommend is that you follow the guidance of an expert in the field. Andrés Casares developed a method so that you can recover your partner’s love and return to it.

Although a break tends to put you on your head, despair is not going to help you at all. Mentalize that you’re not going to get your ex back so quickly. For example every day I receive dozens of emails like ” Alan, I need to recover my ex in 7 days “, ” how do I write a letter to my ex to recover it “, ” how to recover my ex-girlfriend if he does not love me anymore ” and a thousand stories similar.

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All this has something in common, despair , a woman “smells” when a man is desperate. That will sabotage any strategy, so before you start your plan, put your head in order. And then I recommend applying the same tips to recover my ex that I applied in the book Back with her .

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If you apply the advice I showed you here, and especially the book Return with her method, I assure you that the chances of recovering your ex-girlfriend are almost certain. On this page you can read these steps you must follow to return to your ex-girlfriend definitely in a more extensive list.

 How to reconquer my ex boyfriend or husband

You have realized that being without him does not make sense, but it is late and they are not together. What do you do when you finish a relationship and want to return? Here I will show you what the process to recover your ex boyfriend in 6 steps should be.

Maybe you can not stop thinking about him. Whatever your case, it’s fine. It is normal for you to feel this way. What is not right is that you feel miserable forever. If you are reading this article here, it is because you are looking for answers to your question: How to Get Your my ex boyfriend?

100 Romantic Love Quotes for Valentine’s Day 

I know that coming back with your ex boyfriend is not an easy process, it takes time to heal and start all over again. However, no matter how serious your situation has been, you can always learn to recover an ex.

1. Accept the cause of the break

The first thing you need to do is accept the cause of the breakup, but no one should be guilty of what happened, both contributed to the break.

If he deceived you, perhaps it was because you lacked something that you have been looking for in a girlfriend or you could not satisfy it in some aspect, not necessarily in the sexual one, it sounds cruel but it is true. Although it was not good what you did, both are responsible for what happened. This is where you must show maturity to handle the break. Think and act with reasoning this is the first thing to understand.

2. Forgive and forget

When you have finished understanding the origin of the break, it is very likely that you will learn to forgive your ex-boyfriend and accept his faults, then the pain you felt will gradually go away. When you do not leave out what happened, it is not possible to recover it.

3. Learn to say sorry

If you know you did something wrong, ask for forgiveness . When you say I’m sorry, it means you’ll never do that that hurt you again. It is through forgiveness that the relationship can be healed.

4. Try to see you and feel good

Stay attractive . Remind him of what attracted him to you; maybe he liked your long straight hair, or he loved how you looked in that red dress. Try to make use of these ideas when you have the opportunity to see them again. If you look attractive you can help to realize that you are still the girl you fell in love with at the beginning.

5. Correct your mistakes and learn from them

If the cause of your break was because you were very controlling, you were very jealous, insecure and unpredictable, then you must work on those aspects and try to be the best version of yourself . The next time I see you, show him that you have changed for the better. This way, your ex-boyfriend will realize that you have made an effort to change for him.

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If you want to accelerate the process and learn step by step to recover your boyfriend I recommend that you see the guide that has helped more than 18,000 women to return with their boyfriends:

6. Write a letter

The following method has a simple process. A strategy, that if you follow it step by step, will allow you to start recovering your ex boyfriend.

You must write a letter to your ex. Now, when I say letter, I mean the old way, in pencil and paper . I’m not talking about sending a message to your Facebook, calling you on the phone or even sending WhatsApp messages. This has to be personal, you need it to get your attention . A letter will do just that.

Let me explain the idea you need to convey and I’ll let you write it in your own words .

  • You should let her know that maybe the break was a good idea .
  • That you need to be on his side, that you love him.
  • But you just agree that the breakup was best for both of you.

This may sound crazy, but it’s the first step if you’re trying to get your ex back! Even if you have not talked to him in months or even years due to the circumstances, this letter is only for an answer. This is the opening movement to recover your love from today.

How to win back my ex-husband

In this part of the article we will focus on women who are (or were) married because if you are in this situation, you are sure looking for how to recover your husband, because their relationship no longer worked or because you did something that hurt their manhood . In any case, these tips can help you recover it little by little.

Do not exaggerate the kindness

Surely you cooked his favorite food, surprised him with tickets to a game he wanted to go see or fill him with unnecessary gifts. You seduced him and gave him sex when he needed him and did everything possible to make him happy, however after that there was no response from him. I understand how you feel but do you really want to show him how much you care about him and how much you want things to go back to the way they were before?

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Then stop what you were doing. All this can be in vain, since it will not value anything of that at this time. Exaggerating attention will only make you think that you do it to bring it back, why did not you do it when everything was normal? I’m not saying that it’s wrong for you to give all those attentions, but do not do it just because you’re going to lose it.

Do not tell him what to do

It is possible that when you were together you often questioned their actions, but stop doing it right now. Let him live his life in peace. If he wants to go drink with his companions, let him do it, not questions. If you want to find a place to be alone, let me do it. Give him that space until he realizes you’re not bothering him. Keep the questions saved for later. If you respect his space and give him time to process what has happened, he can open it until he finally tells you what is bothering him about you.

Do not show despair

To have teary eyes and beg him to come back to you every time you see him, it’s really a very bad idea. If you think that your tears will attract him back, you are very wrong. These signs of despair only end up sending him in the opposite direction. The main reason why he is leaving you is because he wants to live without you because of something that bothers him a lot. To beg him to stay will only make you seem needy and only validate this negative opinion he has about you.

Connect and communicate

If you can keep the begging and pleading under control, then start talking to him normally. Do not try to flirt with him; just start normal and pleasant conversations. Do not try to do everything at once, say what you have to say and let him speak. Giving him room to believe that he can talk to you without feeling that he should apologize for something he did not do is the best way to start. Once you do that, he will begin to enjoy talking to you and eventually you will realize that you really should not be separated.

Easy Valentine’s Day Craft

How to recover my relationship? Keep emotions under control

Maybe you’re making her stay, but your emotions are still out of control. You are having very long conversations with him especially, they are even remembering old times, while at the same time you are dying to know what you think about the relationship. You can not bear to know if he is going to return with you, so you begin the interrogation about his feelings towards you without stopping. This is only going to scare him away from any chance of getting your husband back. Do not let your feelings dominate you and better take care of yours.

How to reconquer my ex? conclusion

I hope that this article has filled your expectations since it is aimed at women who have a relationship of courtship as well as marriage. Follow these tips to the letter and you will be closer and closer to reconquering your partner as if it were the first time.

Romantic Valentines Day Poems

If you need more information about how to recover your ex, I recommend Andres Cazares’ book “Volver Con El” where through a video he will tell you the 3 transformations you have to do to recover your partner.

Best Perfect Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids 2020

Homemade bags of sweets for Valentine’s Day

Perfect Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids: Valentines Day 2020 is a special day also for the little ones of the house, it is a day in which they like to show their love for the popes, family and friends.

Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids 2020

In addition to the cards, another thing that they love is to give and give them sweets, chocolates, cookies, so at home we are used to making small bags with sweets to give on Happy Valentine’s Day.
Valentine's Day Craft for Kids

Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids

To make these bags you need:

  • Self-closing sachets (you can find them in multi-price stores)
  • Jellybeans, sweets, chocolates, cookies
  • Paper decorated hearts and labels for Valentine’s Day
  • Colored or white paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Stapler

The first thing is to fill the bags and close them well, then cut a piece of square paper and place it covering the bag’s closure, staple the paper through the central part so that it is attached to the bag, then decorate with the labels.

Valentine's Day Craft for Kids

Valentines day

There are many Fun Valentine activities that you can do with the children. You can print  hearts to color and paint them and then give them to grandparents, prepare a homemade photo frame , make a nice heart-shaped card or homemade valentines day love cards. They are very simple crafts that they can do themselves.
Valentine's Day Craft for Kids
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The 10 Easy Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas 2020

Valentine’s Day Craft for the Day of Love and Friendship: Happy Valentine’s Day Craft: We propose a series of simple ideas or gifts that you can do for February 14 and surprise your partner or your friends with these beautiful details.

Valentine’s Day Craft for the Day of Love and Friendship

Valentine's Day Craft

Valentine’s Day Craft

Happy Valentine’s Day Craft

1. Paper box to give sweets

If your partner likes sweets you can make one of these origami boxes and decorate it with little hearts of eva rubber, you can also use some of our decorated papers to make them, then put some chocolates with a special little note or a bag of little hearts of jelly beans and you will see how he likes the detail.

2.  Frame of heart-shaped photos made with cardboard

Making frames with cardboard is very easy and they are great to decorate, the best thing is that it is not necessary to make holes in the wall and we can put them on any surface with a little adhesive paste.

3.  Painted river stones

Paint river stones with tempera or acrylic paint to give as a gift, they are a nice decorative detail that can last you a lifetime, you can paint romantic motifs, write your initials and even some short love phrase, you can also use permanent fine tip pens.  A very nice and funny idea, is to paint stones and leave them in parks or gardens for people to find them, it sure makes someone’s day happy.

4.  Paper heart with hidden message:

This origami heart has a little pocket in which you can put a message or phrase of love.

5.  Homemade pendant with heart

 With modeling paste you can make a nice homemade heart-shaped pendant to give as a present.

6.  Valentine’s boxes to print

Box molds decorated with hearts to print free. You can use them to give chocolates or print several and leave them around the house with small details or notes so your partner can find them]

7.  Original love card

We explain step by step how to make this simple and original love Valentine’s Day Craft card.

8. Little hearts of inflated paper

Fill a glass jar with these paper hearts and add a romantic touch to your room.

9. Make romantic candles

If you are going to prepare a romantic dinner at home and you like candles you can give them a special touch with a heart of glitter.

10. Notebook or homemade album to give away

With chalkboard paint can make a fun gift books , you can customize making a mini album with photos and personal phrases or you can leave them blank to be used as the diary or notebook.
We hope you will inspire you and wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day 2020!

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