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The 10 Best Happy Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts of 2019


Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts: A week is missing for Valentine’s Day , the date on which many couples exchange gifts of all kinds. Electronics is one of the star categories of any commercial event of this type and I am sure that many of the gifts will be technological.

Valentines Day Tech Gifts

Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts

If you still have not decided what to give next February 14 and you know that your partner is a lover of technology, from Showcase we propose ten gadgets for her and for him that are in a price range of up to 100 euros. From an activity bracelet to control your daily activity or a mini-drone to fly around the house, to a mobile battery in the form of a wallet.

1. Crock-Pot cooking pot

A slow cooker with which to prepare starters, main dishes and desserts tastier, since they are cooked slowly throughout the day. This model has a capacity of 5.7 liters that allows producing enough food for five or six people. It also has two temperature settings and has a digital timer to calculate cooking times. Once the recipe is ready, the pot goes into a mode that keeps the food hot until it is served, even if it takes hours.

2. Control of video games for mobile

Ideal for fans of mobile games, this control is connected to smartphones with Android operating system via Bluetooth . It has an adjustable support that helps to place it in vertical format and adapts to different phone sizes, as well as different viewing angles. Compatible with Windows computers, the PlayStation 3 console or Smart TVs, it guarantees long games thanks to its ergonomic design, which includes anti-slip grips and dual vibratory motors. Its internal battery allows us to play for 50 hours in a row.

3. Dron Syma Axis Gyro Aerial

Characterized by its stability and easy handling, this drone is suitable for both beginners and more advanced users: it is controlled from a radio remote control that, in addition to the traditional direction buttons, allows you to choose between a normal piloting mode and another expert. It incorporates a camera that records video with HD resolution (1,280×720 pixels) and captures 2 megapixel photographs, which it stores in a microSD memory card from which to transfer all recorded material to a computer.

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4. IFROGZ Aurora Wireless Headphones

These wireless headphones have an ergonomic design in which highlights its adjustable band and foam cushions, suitable for enjoying music and calls with maximum comfort. With ten hours of autonomy, they connect by Bluetooth to any mobile device, although they also offer the option of using a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable to continue enjoying the music when its battery runs out. They are available in four colors: black, white, blue and red.

5. Denon Envaya Mini portable speaker

Designed to be placed both vertically and horizontally, this portable speaker has been manufactured with high strength materials. It connects wirelessly via Bluetooth aptX, which means that the wireless transmission of sound is made with a quality equal to that of a CD or, which is the same, as if the system were connected by an audio cable . Its internal battery gives a range of ten hours and comes with a carrying case included.

6. Xiaomi Mi Band 2 activity bracelet

This activity wristband offers up to 20 days of autonomy and includes all the typical functions of these devices: recording of daily steps and distance traveled, monitoring of sleep, reading the heart rate to adjust the intensity and duration of training … All these data They are detailed on your OLED screen, which also shows notifications of calls or messages from the smartphone . A curiosity: when you are near the phone you will not need to enter the password, the pattern or use the fingerprint, because the bracelet unlocks it for you.

7. Philips Hue Bloom lamp

This lamp has been designed to create an indirect and personalized ambient lighting, allowing you to choose between combinations of 16 million colors that can even be synchronized with the rhythm of music and movies. It is controlled from a mobile application that also allows establishing a daily schedule that simulates that someone is at home when it is empty. Likewise, it is managed with the voice thanks to its compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit and Google Home.

8. Tags to automate tasks Ntag215

Small labels with NFC technology that can be used with compatible mobiles to automate tasks. Thus, each one of them is configured to activate or deactivate certain functions of the mobile and its apps according to the needs of each moment and place. An example: if you place one of these tags (label in English) on the office table, when you arrive and put it in contact with your mobile phone, you can activate silence and connect to the Wi-Fi network automatically. The same when you get home, in the car … This pack includes ten labels and five stickers to adhere to any surface.

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9. Crosley Cruiser Deluxe portable turntable

The design of this portable turntable will delight lovers of retro style: it has been built in wood and has a synthetic leather cover in red or black colors. As a curiosity, it comes in a briefcase format and integrates its own speakers, so it works independently and moves with total comfort. In addition to listening to vinyl, it plays from any other device connected by Bluetooth or its auxiliary input, and allows to use an external speaker system to give more power to the sound.

10. Nomad Wallet external battery

Hidden inside this leather wallet is a battery with 2,400 milliamp hours (mAh): enough to charge an iPhone completely. In fact, it is specially designed for Apple terminals, for which it includes a Lightning-type connection. With space for both bills and coins, it has dimensions of 9.5×7.6×2.5 centimeters and has been made with vegetable leather from one of the oldest tanneries in America.

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45+ Valentines Gifts for Mens 2020 (all Kinds of Men)

Valentines Gifts for Mens: Having to give a gift almost never is an easy task, it always goes through your head the fact that it may not be to the liking of that person and, although it may seem a lie, knowing what are the Best Valentines Gifts for Mens is usually quite complicated.

Valentines Gifts for Mens

Valentines Gifts for Mens

Even more than the gifts for boyfriends, so, so that you do not complicate the existence we have created some categories that will be very helpful to find the perfect gift for perfect occasion.

Valentines Gifts for Mens with images, cheap and unforgettable

You have to be quite honest and that is that many of us do not have enough money, however, we want to give a meaningful gift, something that is unforgettable. At first glance this seems impossible, but it is not, here are some ideas of what you can give and, most importantly, without spending a fortune.

  • You can buy some cupcakes and write inside the box a dedication that comes from the soul.
  • You can prepare some soft drinks and some sandwiches and invite them to watch the sunset together, you can be sure that this sunset will be unforgettable for both of you.
  • You have a story-style video, for this you need photos since he was little to tell the story from his birth, to the present, something like the story of how he becomes a beautiful swan.

Valentines Gifts for young men

It is not for nothing, but young men are quite predictable, since they are teenagers until they are 18 years old and, in many cases even when they are already grandparents, the only thing that interests them is the play station.

Gifts for young men

Gifts for young men

But in case you can not buy this device that women hate so much, you can give them the following.

  • A wallet.
  • A shirt of your favorite team.
  • A lever play station, sorry, but the lack of the main device, at least one accessory, yes, as long as he already has the main device.

Valentines Gifts for Older men

The gifts for older men are not so predictable, but it’s nice to buy them because at the age of 40, 50 years or 60 years men strive to look really good, for being all gentlemen.

And, of course, all women like this, so good gifts are the following.

  • A grooming kit for the beard, because a clean-shaven man is worth it.
  • Accessories for your personal arrangement, you know, some good belts or straps, some cufflinks so you can see everything distinguished, etc.
  • A bottle of liquor, because every older man needs his good bottle of liquor to live in peace.

Valentines Day Gifts for older men

The gifts for older men are not so predictable, but it’s nice to buy them because at the age of 40, 50 years or 60 years men strive to look really good, for being all gentlemen. And, of course, all women like this, so good gifts are the following.

  • A grooming kit for the beard, because a clean-shaven man is worth it.
  • Accessories for your personal arrangement, you know, some good belts or straps, some cufflinks so you can see everything distinguished, etc.
  • A bottle of liquor, because every older man needs his good bottle of liquor to live in peace..

Romantic, Valentine’s gifts for mens

You must know that men are not characterized by being so romantic, but they like to be allowed for special dates such as Valentine’s Day or the anniversary date . On these occasions what you can give him is the following.

  • A basket with your favorite fruits, desserts and drinks, you know that full belly, happy heart.
  • A crystal plate that has a message of love or a dedication engraved on it.
  • A promise ring, either of friendship or love, so you kill two birds with one shot, if they are boyfriends landmarks and if you just want him as a friend you make it clear that it is only a promise of pure and sincere friendship.

Funny valentines gifts for men

A meaningful gift does not always have to be expensive, almost always the gifts that best memories leave are those that kill you with laughter.

funny valentines gifts for men

So if you want to give an original and funny gift here you have a few geeky ideas .

  • Choose some photos that are favorable to you or him and turn them into memes, then print them and put them inside some balloons. These can be left in your room or given to you personally so that you can observe his face when he sees them.
  • Buy her underwear with funny messages.
  • Buy a delicate gift box and put condoms and wrapping paper inside.

Personalized gifts, crafts and home

Crafts and personalized gifts are always welcome, are a sign that, really, you wanted to surprise that person, some ideas below.

  • A personalized cap with a photo or a phrase that identifies you.
  • There are services on the internet where you can ask them to make a personalized song for anyone, this is undoubtedly a super detail.
  • A surprise box of these that have many notes, photos, sweets and nice things, you can find thousands of tutorials on the internet.

And, definitely, the gifts at home are a great surprise in which it is worth investing no matter what, some examples below.

  • Breakfast at home, there are many pages on Instagram where you can get this service.
  • Stuffed animals, there are more and more stores that offer to take home the things you want, so, you can buy a stuffed animal and send it along with a card.
  • Pizza, this is a gift that everyone would like to receive, so surprise your friend or boyfriend with a pizza of your favorite ingredients.

Gifts for men travelers, athletes and technology

This category is especially aimed at those men who have a passion for sports, travel or technology.

valentines gifts for men

In these cases the gifts should always have connection with these passions, for example, for the travelers the gifts can be the following ones.

  • Comfortable shoes, those that endure the use and abuse.
  • A thermos or canteen to stay hydrated while you make your trips.
  • A trip with all the expenses paid, this is something a little expensive, but it is like the dream of every traveler.

For athletes the gifts can be the following:

  • An adventure walk where you have to climb, hike, swim, extreme sports, etc.
  • Some good shoes with which you can perform the sport you practice.
  • Wireless headphones, because it is always better to play sports accompanied by good music.

For those who love technology, gifts can be the following.

  • A drone, you’ll have to sell a kidney if you want to buy a quality one, but it’s worth it.
  • Some virtual reality glasses, in them you will have to leave an eye pawned, but it is also worth it.
  • An electronic skateboard, these are not excessively expensive so, you just have to stay without eating for a week to be able to buy them.

Christmas, birthday and wedding gifts

These three festivities are special, however, the gifts you can give are very similar no matter if it is Christmas, if it is a birthday or if it is your wedding, some examples below.

  • Clothing, whether t-shirts, pants, sweatshirts, etc.
  • A bottle of wine or champagne, if it is for wedding gifts, includes their respective glasses.
  • Perfume, get your favorite fragrance or one that resembles it.

Amazon gifts for secret friend and for Kings Day

If the day of the secret friend is approaching or the day of Kings and you do not know what you can give, in Amazon you find an infinity of options that you can choose, then some examples.

  • Selection of beers from around the world, here are included the most exclusive, definitely a good gift.
  • Watches, in Amazon you have a multitude of models, so, surely you find one that goes with your tastes and personality.
  • Loudspeakers, as with watches, in loudspeakers you also find many models with more or less functions, as you want.

Gifts for Christian men, for retired men and for men who have everything

In this category are men who, apparently, there are not many options to give. So, we will give you some gift options for Christian men so you can choose the one that best suits you.

  • Dress shirts or shirts, or t-shirts with Christian messages.
  • Ties of neutral colors.
  • Books of topics that are not in opposition to their beliefs.

In the case of retired men the gifts could be the following.

  • A day of walk to relax.
  • A mug with a message of congratulations or admiration.
  • A dinner.

And, in the case of men who have everything, you may think that there is absolutely nothing you can give them or that they have to be something very elegant, however, in these cases, simple gifts are the most appreciated, for example.

  • A small plant in symbol of friendship or love.
  • A handmade card.
  • A dessert prepared by you.

Uff and with that we end up with gifts for all kinds of men . Anyway, if you think we have left some you can comment below and we will get to work with suggestions for that type of male representatives.

The 12 Best Valentine’s Gifts for Boyfriend Ideas 2020

Happy Valentines Gifts for Boyfriend Ideas: A new day of love and friendship has arrived, and in this article I want to give you some Valentines Gifts for Boyfriend. I want to show you a wide range of options, from simple ideas that can have a big emotional charge, small creative details that will touch your heart, to material things that your boy might like.

Valentines Gifts for Boyfriend Ideas

We must also admit something, it is not especially the favorite day of men, and however much he is in love with his girl, he is not as susceptible to romantic gifts as we are, but it is normal, it is his nature, and that does not mean that will not appreciate your details.

What to give on Valentine to a man?

What are the best gifts for February 14 for my boyfriend ? Without a doubt the best gift will be the one that shows your love, every boy and every couple is a world, but the effort you show him will appreciate it a lot. If you want to touch your heart in the day of the lovers , here I leave you some options, cheesy and not cheesy, which will surely touch the sensitive vein :), Let’s see !. (See Also: Valentine Day Messages)

1. Sexy underwear

valentines day gift

Maybe this is not what you expected! hehe, but you always have to see the fun side of this day, and if cupid wears those sexy pints, you or your boy will not be less ! It could be a funny detail to give her some boxers of hearts, or to buy her a sexy red lingerie, and surprise him in the night.  (See Also: How to Get Your Ex Back Fast by Text Message)

2. Little notes with kisses

valentines day gift for men

I know! It’s a bit corny, but it’s one of those crafts that if you do not know what to give on February 14 , you can get it out of the hurry very quickly. Most men like their girl’s painted lips, so you can leave sweet (and sexy) messages behind each kiss. (See Also: How to Get Your Ex Back)

3. An autographed ball

90% of guys like sports, but getting an autograph from your favorite sportsperson is not going to be easy! So you could autograph it ! Do not cut yourself, and buy him a ball, sign him, and leave messages around him. And if that ball you add a couple of tickets to see a game, better !. (See Also: Valentines Day Poems for Him or Her)

4. A breakfast

The food will always be one of the best gifts for Valentine , the ideal is to be prepared by you, and take it to bed, you’ll see that so adorable smile is drawn on his face. You could also take him to breakfast at a hotel, or somewhere he likes. (See Also: Valentine’s Day Craft for Kids)

5. If you like reading

In the case that your boy likes to read, you can give him his favorite book, if you are not very clear about his tastes for reading, you can give him a best seller. You could also give him a Kindle, so he can always download the books he wants! (See Also: Valentine’s Day Craft)

6. Romantic keychains

It is not the most original options , but I assure you that it is one of the most beautiful memories you can find. I mean the key chains that are split in half, in the shape of a heart . You also have the pendants, but I do not think you’re going to wear them, but a keychain is more likely to be used. (See Also: Happy Valentines Day Greetings )

Romantic keychains

And I assure you that there is nothing more beautiful than to meet these memories years later and remember how endearing that day was.

It is not the most original options , but I assure you that it is one of the most beautiful memories you can find. I mean the key chains that are split in half, in the shape of a heart . You also have the pendants, but I do not think you’re going to wear them, but a keychain is more likely to be used. And I assure you that there is nothing more beautiful than to meet these memories years later and remember how endearing that day was.  (See Also: Love Quotes for Valentine’s Day)

7. A clock

Who would not like to get a good watch ?. It’s not the most creative thing in history, but it’s something useful and I’m sure you’ll appreciate it a lot. I do not want to be corny either, telling you that it is a good way for me to remember you every hour. But it is practical ! Also, if you like commercial details, this insurance will make you excited !. (See Also: Happy Valentines Day Images)

8. A homemade frame with messages of love

homemade frame with messages of love

We return to the home details with this creative portrait. It is a romantic and discreet option, without having to resort to hearts and flowers. And it is very likely that you even hang it in the room. Place behind the photograph a letter of a song that you like, or that defines them both. Or as a last option, you can put a poem. (See Also: Valentine Day Image, Wishes, Quotes)

9. If you like video games

If your boy and sun gamer, do not split your head so much, give him a game of the console you have, or you could do a little more effort, and buy your favorite console. I assure you that he will never forget hehe. (See Also: Happy Valentines Day Quotes)

10. Perfume

It’s typical, but if you still have doubts, it’s the standard gift that never fails. Find out what your favorite perfume is, and I’m sure you’ll appreciate it a lot.

11. If you like to take care of yourself

If your man is one of those who have no qualms about admitting that they like to take care of themselves, and they care a lot about their image , you can give them a “mini men’s spa”. There is no better way to pamper your man with this detail with his cream after shave, wax for hair, basil, and you can add some chocolates that are never over !. (See Also: Happy Valentines Day Wishes)

12. Creative gifts

Something creative that you can do, is a little box with your most representative photos, something made by you will always carry a very big emotional charge . You can do it with a wooden box, and go adding the photos as an accordion, and on the back you can add a little note, you will love !. (See Also: Happy Valentines Day Gif)

Happy Valentines Day Images 2019